How can I export a patient's medical info from OpenMRS?

Hi everyone, I have been studying OpenEMR for some days and I want to study about OpenMRS. I just want to know how to export a patient’s medical information from OpenMRS? Who can tell me the specific steps? What’s more, what the form of the exported information? is it in xml form?

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Hi @weiyufang, Bahmni is a distribution of OpenMRS with enhanced UI and features. You can read more about it on Bahmni WIKI. The Export feature that you are talking about is been developed by Bahmni for one of our implementations.

Step 1: Install the module -cohort builder , upload the .omod file using Admin—>“Manage Module”

Step 2: Click on Manage Export Profile. This page lets you configure the export profile. Here you give a profile name, a white list of patient attributes which you wish to include in the export and a black list of Observations which you do not wish to include in the export.

Step 3: To export the patient data ‘Manage export’ in the Admin page. Here you have three options to provide patients whose data is to be exported. Either you give single patient name, or multiple patient ids. You may also select a cohort which is already in the OpenMRS system.

Step 4: Then select the export profile from the list of profile which you created. Also select an export format from XML, JSON and SQL and click on ‘Export Patient Data’. I hope it will help you

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