patient portal with openMRS

Platform, Reference Application: 2.7:

Question: We are looking for implementing openMRS for patient health record where in patient can login and perform operations like capturing vitals, sharing details with doctor, adding past visits etc, effectively patient portal functionality. Currently no modules available and few discussion were available**

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@kshebbar can you be more detailed in your question,it is not very clear.

@tendomart hi, have updated the query with more details, Hope it suffice

@kshebbar I thought Refapp ships with most of those basics , but in case you need something specific however i’d encourage you to give list ,just to make sure we’re not re-inventing the wheel.

There are still several options

1.Create an OWA and install on your Refapp instance

2.Create a new module or still fork something existing and add some customisation.

you may want to look at this ,it’s still a work in progress.

Hi @tendomart

Thanks for the quick response

I was interested in working code/module for the following links that could address our need

Looks like those modules did not go too far