Patient Display error on openmrs

I have tried openmrs 2.3.0 and it doesn’t work.

Can you share the tomcat log for platform 2.3.0 when you open the empty page?

Here are the logs

This is too much for me to easily consume. Can you mark the current last line in the log before you click on the link which loads the empty patient dashboard. Then you send me only after that line, downwards, after loading the empty patient dashboard.

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Sorry. This is the log that is created once I select a patient.

Which version of the legacyui module are you running?

legacyui module 1.9.0

Delete the lucene folder from the application data folder. Then restart tomcat to see what happens when you search again.

Still the patient dashboard does not display

Does it still happen even when you use a different browser? If yes, can you remove all modules apart from the legacyui module and test again?

Yes it still happens when I use a different browser. I have remove all modules and remain with legacyui module and test it again. I am still getting the same problem.

Can you share the log of another patient who also results into the same problem?

Can you also share the result of this sql statement? describe encounter

Do you have time for a chat on slack?

Here is the log from another patient with the same problem.

Yes. But can we chat from 21:30 EAT.

This log looks incomplete.

Ok. How about this Bug 3 -