Order from Set Functionality for Order Entry UI Application

Good Day Everyone,

Hello everyone trust you are doing great, In the recently concluded sprint we were able to kick off the order from set functionality, we have been able to implement the design in the mockup that can be found here. However we made use of dummy data to power the user interface, moving forward we would like to power the user interface with data from the API.

I would be asking some questions regarding this implementation and would love to hear back from you.


  1. Is a REST Endpoint available to be consumed for this implementation
  2. Are there more design mockups as there seem to be some missing parts like editing and the details that show when the accordion is clicked
  3. What does editing an order set entail?

These are some of the questions on my mind at the moment, other questions might come up and will be discussed in this thread/talk.


cc: @dkayiwa @efosa @ddesimone @mogoodrich @rotimi @tunmi

P.S Link to the demo call and summary of the previous sprint would be posted in another talk also time for the sprint retro and planning would be made available before tomorrow.

@daramola98 Great that you have started this work!

Some of this might need a bit more design. The idea behind the existing mockups was that when you specify which order set you want, a list is displayed that is similar to the order list. Expanding/Contracting the individual items in those sets would work like it does on the Order List (showing relevant details). Editing an item would take the user to the corresponding order edit page (drug or lab test). Just rethinking this a bit now, maybe we do not need edit and removal from that list and those can be done from the draft list when it is added, just like individual orders. We can certainly start with this and then decide if we need it later.

We will also need to decide whether/when we should build the functionality to set up the sets.

This probably warrants a design forum discussion. We should probably get input from @burke, @jteich, @darius and others. And @mseaton probably should weigh in from a standpoint of the chemotherapy ordering functionality that the IBM Health Corps team has begun.


@daramola98 - not sure exactly what REST endpoints you are looking for, but basic crud activities for Order Sets can be found in the “orderset” section on this page.

One issue is that I don’t think there is any current user interface to actually create new Order Sets via the application. You’ll likely need to use the REST endpoint to create one or more new Order Sets as defined in the documentation linked above.

@wyclif or @dkayiwa do either of you know if there is any existing resources (JSON documents one might post to create a bunch of order sets for testing), SQL scripts, or other demo data we might automatically have available in our demo servers, so that teams can test out this functionality?

Thanks! Mike

Hi @mseaton, We are getting this error from the link you supplied for the order set.

Just click the Hide button and search for orderset on that page.

Awesome. Seen it now. Thank You.

@mseaton am not aware of any demo data for ordersets

We do not have demo data for ordersets.

Hi @ddesimone About the order from set functionality as a decision been made on whether/when we should build the functionality?

@daramola98 this would be great if we could. Are there specific questions that need resolving? Do we need additional design on look and feel?

Yes we do @mseaton , There are no demo data loaded in the backend according to the previous conversation and there also needs to be a design revision for the order from sets table.