Chemotherapy Ordering

Partners In Health worked with a team of 6 programmers from IBM Health Corp on Chemotherapy Ordering along with @johnblack from Uganda Cancer Institute. Our goal is implementing this at University Hospital in Mirebalais (Haiti) where we already have OpenMRS including functionality for cancer treatment. Along with PIH and the OpenMRS community, the IBM Health Corp team designed and developed chemotherapy ordering and administration functionality within the OpenMRS reference application. There is still more to do. We hope it can completed in the next months.

For a flavor of the system, watch these videos from the final presentations:

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Thanks @ball for sharing! What i have seen in the demo, is it all in a module that i can install and test locally?

Great question @dkayiwa. I have not installed it myself, but the team has documented it:

An improvement for the metadata would be useful for the community. All the concepts should be in CIEL, but they are currently packaged in the pih/mirebalaismetadata module along with all the PIH EMR concepts. Not all the chemotherapy concepts (with mappings) were available in CIEL when this was built last month.

@ball i have folked

But i still see no significant tones of code to start with. How do we start from what has alreadby been done ?

cc @johnblack

Adding @ddesimone @mseaton who can point you to the right place.

Thanks for jumping in.

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@tendomart, there are links in the README in that github repository to the code artifacts that have been worked on, primarily forks of core and, and a new oncology owa.


Thanks Mike and Ellen.

and @lexicas should be able to help too, maybe even linking to the IBM team who I think aren’t in the community.

Alright thanks JohnBlack