Order entry ui owa issues

Thanks Tunmi for reply , I am using web service rest module version 2.22

Can you use the one attached on the ticket i gave above?

Still same

Can you try press CTRL + SHIFT + R?

I even use another browser but still the problem persist, is it possible for you to send me the omod files of entry ui and web rest modules? I will appreciate your help

@tunmi @topseysuave @efosa @rhenshaw56 @jeiddiah can you help here?

Hopefully, this helps Go to this link and download the file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RHPxLosgx-kqZe-OmEpSHBHazq63r4Il/view?usp=sharing

Kindly allow me access (editorshelter @ gmail.com)

I sent you an email to grant me permission to open the drive share file.

Access has been granted.

@dailyshelter have you been able to resolve the issue

I really appreciate Daniel efforts and luckily I am now able to access pharmacy. Issue was Webservice Rest. I will try to explore it more to setup my hospital management and will be looking forward your help step by step. Being a newbie I really appreciate your efforts. Will update you if come across hurdle during setup

@dkayiwa @dailyshelter It looks we are facing similar issue like after downloading order entry ui omod module and trying load to openmrs 2.10(latest version) and getting error below.

Hi @prapakaran, you may not need to download and load the Order Entry Ui module/omod with refapp 2.10. You may rather load the Order Entry Ui OWA, configure it’s dashboard widget and a few parameters as advised in the administration guide.

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@ruhanga Thanks for the reply. May i know where i need add dashboard widget. Do you mean to download ordeentry-1.1.zip file along with refernce application(docker). Is it possible list out steps for docker installation.

@prapakaran, you will download the ordeentry-1.1.zip and upload it to the running reference application using the Open Web Apps Module Manage Apps UI accessed via the advanced administration page. The Dashboard widget is configured using the Manage Apps UI accessed via the System Administration page. For the widget configuration, you would use such a snippet and saving the app configuration with the name equal to its id.

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@ruhanga After adding widget and getting the below error. Added few screenshots for your reference.I could also see two menu(dispensed medication after adding wedget. prescribed mediation. Module also get loaded.

 ERROR - AppFrameworkActivator.registerAppsAndExtensions(101) |2020-05-03 23:23:05,775| Error loading app framework. Some apps might not work.org.openmrs.module.appframework.factory.UserAppFactory@6962b041
refapp_1  | java.lang.IllegalStateException: App 'coreapps.dispensedMedication' says its an instanceOf 'coreapps.template.dashboardWidget' but there is no AppTemplate with that id

@prapakaran, one of the widgets is the one you’ve configured and the other probably comes from the Order Entry UI module(not the OWA) that you installed. You may want to disable or uninstall the module and remain with the enabled OWA.

To resolve the 404 error, you may edit the detailsUrl config property that leads to the Order Entry UI with the correct folder name to the OWA. For example;

Replace orderentry in the url with the name to the uploaded order-entry owa zip file without the file-extension.

"detailsUrl": "../../owa/orderentry/index.html?patient={{patientUuid}}"
"detailsUrl": "../../owa/ordeentry-1.1/index.html?patient={{patientUuid}}"

@prapakaran, remember to add a few configurations for proper functioning of the installed Order Entry OWA as advised in its Administration Guide.

@ruhanga I got the point. In the admin module, how can we load zip file (https://bintray.com/openmrs/owa/openmrs-owa-orderentry). Only omod file allowed to load there.