Order Entry UI OWA 1.0.0-beta4 released!

On behalf of the Order Entry UI Andela team, I am pleased to announce the second release of the Order Entry UI OWA in version 1.0.0-beta4. This is an app for managing orders which currently supports both drug orders and lab orders only.

Information on the previous release can be found here

This new release includes the addition of lab orders and improves the UI/UX of the Order Entry UI OWA.

Some of the new features include:

  • Supports adding of lab orders for patients.
  • Allow a user to toggle the urgency of a lab order.
  • Allows a user to view all the lab orders ordered for a patient

This app requires the following modules installed

  • Webservices REST (v2.23.0)
  • Reference MetaData (2.7.2)
  • MetaData Deploy (1.11.0)
  • Lab Orderable MetaData
  • Order Entry UI (v1.0)

Information on how to set up the application can be found here

This app was developed with frontend technologies. It uses React and Redux and communicates with the backend via the REST API framework. As with many other OWAs, this project was scaffolded with openmrs-owa yeoman generator and a combination of other tools like npm, browser-sync, and webpack. We also employed Travis-ci, coveralls, and eslint to ensure code quality, test coverage and rapid deployment on bintray.com

Development Team:

@tunmi @efosa @topseysuave @jeiddiah @rhenshaw56 @daramola98 @rotimi

We also appreciate @dkayiwa, @darius, @mogoodrich, @ddesimone, @mseaton and everyone on this vibrant community for their various contributions to this project.

Useful Resources:


Thanks for the update. While adding Drug Order it errors out saying Column ‘encounter_role_id’ cannot be null. Hence not able to use the system. For Lab Orders, It has no Panel and No Test were found with blank box under New Lab Order. Trying with Ref App 2.8

@desmond @tittoh @daramola98 @rotimi do you have any response to the above?

Hello @kshebbar, sorry for the late reply. I didnt get the notification. Try adding encounter type . Take a look at this wiki https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/Order+Entry+UI+Administrator+Guide

Thanks for the prompt response. I had followed the same guide. Have added an encounter type called order entry; have set global property orderentryowa.encounterType to order entry, Added an encounter role Clinician. Created a user, assigned role of Doctor, but that did not provide edit of prescribed medication section; logged in with admin and got the error ‘encounter_role_id’ cannot be null while adding/saving drug order

@kshebbar do you have Rest Web Services OMOD module version 2.23.0-SNAPSHOT.8b2766 under the manage modules section?

also try hard reloading the application

Rest Web Services omod is 2.22.0.ba95a3, will try to upgrade. How do I hard reload the app?

C + Shift + R

Sorry for the late reply as I was not able to upgrade to newer version. While it says, new version is available, when upgrading, it stops many modules and the application goes haywire. Took some time to get back to earlier version. Even git does not show the new version. Could you please help me in the same? I did hard reload, but not of any use.

@kshebbar try restarting the application after upgrading.

Not able to upgrade, While it says new version is available, when upgrading, it stops many modules and the application goes haywire. Do you have readily available omod?

Yes I have I tried uploading it here and its not supported.

@kshebbar share your email

Thanks, but do you think that could be the reason for Drug Order save related error? Shared email in direct message

I’m not really sure. You can also share screenshots of the error you are getting.

Hi, Do you recollect the privilege required for accessing/editing prescription; currently only admin user gets it and not Doctor/Clinicians

Was the upgrade of the Web Services omod the fix to your recent blocker? You can always share such resources to help others that hit the same issues in future!

It was not the upgrade,but the archive files from Desmond helped. It is reference implementation and currently I am going with that. Facing privilege related queries

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when a doctor or clinician tries to access it?