Adding drug order UI to the patient dashboard(SOLVED)

OpenMRS reference application: 2.10, platform 2.3.2:

Hello Everyone, I’m trying to use the drug order entry UI but I’m a little bit confused, these are the reasons why:

  • I see in addons that Order Entry UI is meant for OpenMRS 1.10
  • So Order Entry OWA (1.2.2) is the one I should use with my OpenMRS 2.3.2
  • I see here that Order Entry UI (v1.0) is a requirement for Order Entry OWA
  • I see in OpeenMRS addons platform that Order Entry OWA has no requirements nor Platform Requirement.
  • I added the Order Entry UI omod and created the properties as mentioned here but having errors

Question: Which modules (OWA/Omod) are required to add drug order UI to the patient dashboard? What are the requirements?

Use order Entry OWA version 1.2.2 for refApplication ,platform 2.3.2 it works best, For configuring dispensed medications, you need to configure as stated here


Thank you @sharif for your prompt support, let me try it and revert.


It worked fine. Thank you @sharif for your support

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