Operation Theatre Scheduling - UI Changes in Calendar View

Hello All,

After adding weekly calendar view, we have received some feedback related to the user experience, more specifically on the way the details are presented to the users on Calendar view.

Feedback 1: Conflict with Expand/Collapse icon Currently there is an icon to expand/collapse each surgical appointment to see more details. Since we have introduced a pop-up that serves the same purpose, the icon is considered to be removed. This also helps in using that space for displaying the Completed status tick mark.

Screenshot after expansion: Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 4.55.41 PM

Issue faced: Overlap of blocks making the text not readable and the calendar view clumsy

Proposed solution:

  1. Expand/Collapse icon to be removed
  2. Block size will remain the same as per the estimated time
  3. User to click on the each block to see more details via the existing popups

Feedback 2: Unable to read the details when there’re more blocks in a time slot

Weekly calendar view developed recently has limitations on the amount of information it can display for each surgical appointment, especially if there are more than one OT location is available for an implementation. Hence we have introduced popups to give that information. In addition to that, we are considering to give just the Surgeon name, Patient Name (ID) on a hover message, which would help the users to identify the desired block/surgical appointment. This would reduce the number of clicks and the pain of opening/closing popups just to get the basic information.

Issues faced:

  1. Due to limited space, details such as Patient name, surgeon name are wrapped to give the complete details. This is not very clear for the users since the text is broken (refer below screenshot)
  2. This also takes a lot of space within the block Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 3.24.28 PM

Proposed solution:

  1. Unwrap the text and display the text only on the first line
  2. On hover, the complete name details to be visible (refer mockup)

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Can you go ahead and create this tickets ,add the necessary description of how to reproduce the bug, then it will become more easier to reproduce, am not sure if this is happening in operation-theatre module whether we have it openmrs, may be bamni

Hi @sharif As mentioned in the below talk thread, our implementation has developed the new weekly view feature for OT calendar view but the feature is yet to be merged to product. And these are issues that are specific to the weekly view. We are in the process of raising PR’s to product. But at the same time we are looking for feedback on those issues

We are planning to demo the weekly calendar view as part of coming PAT call and we will give more context around the issue mentioned here.