OpenmrsMySQL keeps stopping

Dear Sir/Madam,

trust you are well, am a user of OpenMrs, have been having an issues with use of the software, which I have not been able to wrap my head around. my Openmrs version is 1.6.3, I know its rather old, but that’s what my organization is currently using.

the OpenMrsMysql keeps stopping when am trying to use the manage data export in the administration.

please I need urgent help with this. attached is my stdout.txt.

I hope my issues are resolved quickly.

(Attachment stdout.log is missing)

Why arent you upgrading to the current version of openmrs. the system may still comprain due to version un upgrade. i would advise you upgrade your version to 2.9 and should have mysql version 5.7 +

@oladessy did you forget the attachment?

No, I did not forget. it wasn’t attached because it saying file cant be attached by new user.

I cant upgrade yet. until I get right approvals.

Can you use

been trying to paste but the document is more than 500kb. is there any other way for me? thanks for your response.

You could back up the logs, then wipe them out to get a clean log which will be smaller.

I mean on the, the total for the stdout.log is 550kb.

Did you backup your logs, deleted them and produce fresh smaller ones?

it’s already on what next?

Can you share the exact paste url?


Does the problem happen only with manage data export?

yes only when I try to manage data export. I noticed when I try to do that the MySQL stops running on the task manager. when I restart it the OpenMRS continues to work, but manage data export stops it.

Which version of MySQL are you running? Which version of the reportingcompatibility module are you running?

MySQL version is 5.0.51a and reporting compatibility module is

are still facing the same challenge ??

yes, same challenge and I hope I can get it done with everyone’s help