OpenMRS wiki down

Application Name: Website/Wiki

Question: The wiki does not load and gives an error that action is not permitted.

The wiki was down for a bit this morning, per You should email helpdesk (rather than posting on Talk) in this case, so that the right people see the message. (They will also get automated alerts.)

If you get a “Not Permitted” error, you need to log out and back in again. (This is discussed on another talk thread.)

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Thanks for the education!

The same thing is happening today. For more than an hour am not able to access JIRA, Wiki, Nexus. I tried sending a help desk case but it took ages. I almost thought help desk was down too. :slight_smile: Looks like something is happening of late on these servers.

yes :frowning: its really frustrating to work like this. even if jira is up it is very slow.

About midnight PT, seemed that IU XSEDE was down and causing a lot of trouble. I’m guessing this might still be what’s causing issues here. The infrastructure team was aware of it and sent in a support request but I don’t know the outcome of that was at this point. My instinct would be to give it time today to get resolved. But it might be worth sending a helpdesk ticket to notify the infrastructure team that you are still having problems since they may not see it here in the talk post.

As a second comment, the team is discussing options for improving the infrastructure asap. So I wanted you to know that you are heard, and it is a priority to improve it for everyone. That’s not to say you shouldn’t keep speaking up until it’s resolved - please do! :slight_smile:

did that right away :slight_smile:

thank you!

guess sometimes its also necessary to share frustration :sob: :blush:

Hey Guys,

Sorry for all the issues that are going on. We are currently working on a strategy and planning a way to make this services better but, at the moment restarting this applications are the only solution. Just make sure you let the helpdesk know and they can fix it. I will try to keep an eye on it when ever I’m available.

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No worries, @chagara, we understand!