OpenMRS TOWN HALL: Third Quarter - September 14, 2016

Our next town hall meeting for the OpenMRS community is scheduled for September 14; as of today, we are planning to hold two one hour sessions on that day. Please see the OpenMRS calendar for the times of these sessions.

We are seeking volunteers who may be interested in facilitating these calls. The current proposed agenda highlights one of our partners, SolDevelop, as well as addresses our current operational and organizational status. We are posting the proposed agenda so that you can comment and suggest changes and/or additions. Thanks for your review.

Proposed Agenda:

SolDevelo Presentation Status of the operational plan Technical Roadmap and where we are Information on the planned November OpenMRS Update Meeting ( will post link to the agenda) ; virtual participation Update on the Uganda Summit Fundraising Updates:

  • New Talk Members by Month
  • Volunteer Recognition Program
  • Updates on releases and technical road map
  • Operational plan
  • OpenMRS inc BOD
  • OpenMRS Advisory Board
  • November OpenMRS Update Meeting ( to include link to the agenda)

Uganda Meeting

please let us know your thoughts and comments.

Slide Deck:

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Hi @terry, i’d be happy to moderate one, or both town hall meetings as need may be :slight_smile:


@terry just spoke with @surangak and it looks like he can moderate the 9am ET town hall. So if someone would like to volunteer for the 9pm ET moderator position that would be great.

thanks; any people interested in moderating the evening call?

I would also propose an update on the state of the infrastructure team, given recent changes :slight_smile:

perfect idea. Lets say that we will update this talk posting on Tuesday to reflect ideas that have been submitted for our review. We still need a moderator for the evening session ( I will not be able to be on that call). any takers? We can get you all the info before hand!! :slight_smile:

Maybe someone outside of the US can host the 9pm ET call, since that timing is mostly focused on non-US based folks? Unfortunately 9pm ET is 4am EAT, so probably no chance Africa could host it. Any folks in India or Phillipines or ?

Actually, what geography is the 9pm ET call targeted at? (It’s 6:30am India, so not there…)

-Darius (by phone)

huh, i dont know. is there a better time?

Here’s some options to look over:

I think if we targeted starting at the beginning of West African Timezone (8 or 9am), that would allow everyone all the way to Manila to be able to join during working hours. We could even push it to start a couple of hours later, and if someone from Indiana was willing, could reasonably join and support.

Maybe @christine, or one of the Nigerians or Ugandans would be willing to lead the call?

@christine, we can adjust the time to be better for the world!. Please let us know if either 8 or 9 is better. We do need to make sure that SolDevelo can present at whatever time it is–but i think that this is best.Thanks for your offer to lead the call.

just let us know the time you want to start and we will change on the calendar.

@terry, both timings work for me. I would like to start the call at 8 if it works with everyone else.

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@christine is it possible for you to do it at 10am EAT (0700 UTC)?

The would put the two calls at:

  • 1300 UTC Wed 14th Sept
  • 0700 UTC Thur 15th Sept

Just to make sure we have our bases covered for those wanting to attend… @ggomez and @jaghatise do one of those times work for you folks in West Africa? @darius and @vinay does that work for the folks you work with in India and such? @amarcelo does that work for folks in the Phillipines?

@jeffneiman and @terry can we advertise the town halls on the website please to make sure anyone interested in hearing more about OpenMRS can join? thx!

The time works for me but may not be able to join on Wednesday.

@janflowers, 10am EAT is perfectly fine with me.

I’ve created a small banner at the bottom of the page on our OpenMRS site, linking to this announcement. See here:

Can we create a wiki page with all this information? I’d prefer to link to there if possible!

Lastly. I’ll promote the Town Hall meeting over social media as well!


posting this so that it comes to the top of TALK and people remember that we are having the Town Hall tomorrow. We will be discussing the community, the OpenMRS Inc community board position, and sharing other specific updates. Also, SolDevelo will be presenting information about their organization. Hope that you can join us tomorrow

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