OpenMRS Technology Radar

Hi all,

I’m on the Thoughtworks technology radar mailing list, as I’m sure many of you are. In one of the posts from this morning, they highlight “building your own radar” and use a newly developed Clojure Technology Radar to demonstrate how this can be used to develop domain-specific radars.

It occurred to me that an OpenMRS Technology Radar could be an extremely valuable resource for us to invest in, and would be a nice way to synthesize the experience coursing through various talk threads and helping all members of the community to understand the way the winds are blowing and to help them make informed choices.

Obvious examples of things that could be in various states on the radar are:

  • Framework technologies (OWA, GSP, JSP, REST, Angular, SASS, etc)
  • Modules (what is getting the most development, what is stable and used, what is fading into obscurity)
  • Distributions (Ref App, Bahmni, KenyaEMR, Buendia, etc)
  • Related platforms and integrations (DHIS2, CommCare, OpenSRP, MedicMobile, Odoo, OpenElis, etc)
  • Formats and Standards (FHIR, OHDSI, Atom, etc)

I’d be interested to hear others opinions on whether convening a group to put something like this together every 6 months or so would be useful.



This sounds pretty cool and a good way to communicate things on our technology horizon! :thumbsup:

Great idea. I’d love to participate.

I think the Tech Radar approach could be a nice way to force us to explain things, but do so succinctly.

+100 I think this is an awesome idea and I’d be happy to be involved.

Interested … I would like to see a radar on concepts use across institutions

I put together a quick mockup of what it could look like:

To contribute, we just add/remove stuff from this file. The tricky part is going to be setting up the mechanism to propose ideas and vote for them. Any ideas?


I think it will be extremely valuable in our community to make sense of the diverse set of things we do.

Thanks for all of the positive interest everyone and for starting to mock this up @pascal! In addition to the radar graphic itself I think we’d want to also include some commentary - as @darius says, " to force us to explain things, but do so succinctly".

Perhaps this is something we can get on the agenda for an upcoming forum.

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This sounds good to me. Maybe @jthomas can find us a slot?

I would love to get this on the design forum schedule. April 11th is the next Monday we have open. Would this work for you @mseaton @pascal? @burke will be on Wards but are there others you would like me to encourage to join?

Works for me, but also no rush if it would be better to wait for a time when @burke can join.

If that’s the case then we could do April 18th he will be back on calls then.

Agree about waiting for Burke. I don’t think I can do April 18 though. (I will know for sure in the next couple days.)

I can do the 11th, 18th or the next week.

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send a final reminder when the slot is created so i can be pinged and attend

Just an FYI, the April 2016 radar from ThoughtWorks was just published: