[OpenMRS Standalone]: Add Capture Vitals and Visit Notes to Past Visits


There is another thread very similar to my situation: Add Capture Vitals and Visit Notes to Past Visits

I am assuming the above is for a non-standalone OpenMRS.

Is it possible to add capture vitals and add visit notes in OpenMRS Standalone?

When I do the steps from Form is not showing in openMRS UI, there seems to be no [Add Form to UI] link/buttons under Home->Configure Metadata->Manage Forms. All five forms (Admission Simple, Discharge Simple, Transfer Within Hospital Simple, Visit Note, Vitals, are v1.0, and Built-in form cannot be modified.


Thank you!

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Hmm, just in case you missed this, I created a duplicate copy of the existing Visit Note form in ‘Advanced System Admin’ -> ‘HTML Form Entry’ , and edited it to my taste. After that, the duplicate appeared as a new form in ‘Manage Forms’ which I was able to add now to past visits via the ‘Show If’ field.

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