OpenMRS Sprint 6 Demo Invitation

Hi all. For anyone who needs to see the demo video, here it is -

Hi all, I am new to the community and would like to contribute to the QA team. Darius directed me to this post so it is how I landed here. I still need to familiarize myself with the application and the details and I didn’t have time to watch the full length of the demo yet but I will be there soon. Meanwhile, please let me know how I can help.

@gmandas welcome to the QA team! :smile:

In the meantime, can you go through these two links to know about our past attempts for the QA team?

Please feel free to suggest ways in which we can best take this team forward! Would you like to volunteer leading it?

Daniel, I am happy to get my hands dirty. But as I can’t commit full time may be it would be better to start with something which does not require full-time. But I will try to spare a consistent amount of my time each week. What do you suggest?

Actually, this does not require a full time commitment. Even if you just get a few hours per week, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa that’s cool. It sounds manageable to me. Let’s crack on then. Meanwhile I have set up the standalone reference application and started to play around. But it looks like it fails to automatically create the sample patient information. I remember seeing this on another post but I can’t find it again anyway, it looks like it is a known issue. On the other hand is there a way around this? So I can at least import a couple of 100 patient data manually?

Did you read about “Demo Patients” on this page?

@dkayiwa having a look at JIRA for Cohort Builder, I see that there are no test cases defined. And I can not find any user stories. Can you please enlighten me regarding these issues? Additionally, I also can not find test cases for the tasks considered in sprints. I just wonder if I am not looking at the right place or are these still open actions to be completed?

By the way @gmandas did you first of all succeed in creating demo data as i directed above?

Yes, I managed to create demo data (about 1200 patient) on Reference Application 2.6.0 but struggling to add Cohort Builder. I get “If you see this text, look for an error in your JavaScript Console.” message. I need to look into this.

Great! Wen you say struggling to add Cohort Builder, what do you mean? Are you trying to install the Cohort Builder open web app? Can you share a screenshot of the page having this error?

@dkayiwa Initially, I tried to follow the instruction to perform LOCAL DEPLOY as detailed in GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-owa-cohortbuilder with no success. Please see attached the log file.npm-debug.pdf (9.0 KB) My second attempt was just to upload the zipped “app” folder from the repository. I have uploaded this zip from “Administration/Manage Apps/” and can see the Cohort Builder on the list as shown below.

and when I click on the “CohortBuilder” link, I got the error message. What do you suggest?

@aolaniran can you help him?

@gmandas Welcome to the team.

Could you share a screen shot of your browser console so we could see the error message ?

@aolaniran Thank you Azeez. Please see below;

You are getting this error because the app somehow can’t find the libs folder. I have tried to reproduce the error by cloning afresh and following the instructions in the readme.

Did you create a webpack.config.js following the webpack.sample.config.js file as a guide? @gmandas

@aolaniran I figured out that not all dependencies were installed in the first time. The reason is that bower requires GIT which I didn’t have . Now I have installed GIT and it is all up and working now. :smile:

I also noted that “openmrs-with-title-small.png” and “spin.gif” images are not included in the /img folder of the distributions (either in the zip file or in the direct deploy) which results a broken image on the index page. Is it something known or is it only me?

@gmandas Great to hear this.

The reason for the missing images is the webpack.config.js file. Updating it with this (main difference is line 135-136) should fix the problem. Thanks for spotting this, we would update the sample Webpack configuration file.

Also, we would be having a Demo for Sprint 8. Please, check here for more details.

@dkayiwa @aolaniran I have created two issues on the Agile Board; CB97 & CB98. I have added them in the backlog list. Do you want me to carry on similarly? please suggest.

@gmandas you did very useful QA work! In fact, a good number of the tickets you consequently created, are being worked on during the current sprint. Do you still have some spare time to do more of such? It does not matter how much that time is, even if it is just one hour a week. :smile: