OpenMRS Sprint 6 Demo Invitation

Hi All,

We wish to announce the scheduled sprint 6 demo of the cohort builder module and invite all to the event which will hold on 15-05-2017 at 1:00pm GMT. Other details are stated below:

Date: 15/05/2017

Time: 1:00PM GMT

Link To Video Call:

Sprint Announcement Link: Cohort Builder Sprint 6 Announcement

Demo app link:

cc @darius @burke @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @janflowers @ningosi @mseaton

Regards, Azeez

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How about extending the days from Monday to Friday? And also the times to at least two one hour slots for each day? That way, you will pick the most voted day and time slot.

Thanks for pointing this out.

I have extended the days from Monday to Friday and also set two one-hour slots @dkayiwa.

Do you mind adding a third option of 5 - 6 (pm) my time? That is to cater for those who may find the existing times too early for them.

@dkayiwa I’ve added the third option.

@aolaniran can you do the polls is such a way that i can select all the times that i can attend? Instead of where i select only one?

Okay, I’ve done that @dkayiwa

Excellent! I have submitted. Feel free to ping those who have not yet done so. :slight_smile:

Hello @darius @burke @ssmusoke @janflowers @ningosi @mseaton I would love to remind you all to vote on the poll here so we can fix the best date for the Cohort Builder Sprint 6 Demo.

Thank you.

Hi @daniel, so far we’ve only had 2 votes on the poll. When do you think we should close the poll and select a demo date ?

Do one last ping and say that by Monday, you will be selecting the demo date basing on those who will have voted.

Hello @darius @burke @ssmusoke @janflowers @ningosi @mseaton and anyone who wishes to attend.

I would love to kindly remind you all to vote on the poll here as we will be selecting the demo date, based on the votes, on Monday (15/05/2017).

Thank you.

The sprint 6 demo of the cohort builder has been scheduled to hold 15/05/2017 by 1:00PM GMT.

cc @dkayiwa @darius @burke @ssmusoke @janflowers @ningosi @mseaton

Kind reminder, the Cohort Builder Sprint Demo 6 will be happening here in about 10 minutes.

cc @darius @burke @ssmusoke @janflowers @ningosi @mseaton

Hi all. For anyone who needs to see the demo video, here it is -

Hi all, I am new to the community and would like to contribute to the QA team. Darius directed me to this post so it is how I landed here. I still need to familiarize myself with the application and the details and I didn’t have time to watch the full length of the demo yet but I will be there soon. Meanwhile, please let me know how I can help.

@gmandas welcome to the QA team! :smile:

In the meantime, can you go through these two links to know about our past attempts for the QA team?

Please feel free to suggest ways in which we can best take this team forward! Would you like to volunteer leading it?

Daniel, I am happy to get my hands dirty. But as I can’t commit full time may be it would be better to start with something which does not require full-time. But I will try to spare a consistent amount of my time each week. What do you suggest?

Actually, this does not require a full time commitment. Even if you just get a few hours per week, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa that’s cool. It sounds manageable to me. Let’s crack on then. Meanwhile I have set up the standalone reference application and started to play around. But it looks like it fails to automatically create the sample patient information. I remember seeing this on another post but I can’t find it again anyway, it looks like it is a known issue. On the other hand is there a way around this? So I can at least import a couple of 100 patient data manually?