OpenMRS/SolDevelo cooperation in numbers - 2015


another year has passed very quickly and this is a perfect occasion to look at the results of our cooperation.

Our level of involvement during 2015 was changing over time, but during the last year there were 11 people from SolDevelo participating to the OpenMRS project. They worked on 153 tickets and spent 3019.5 hours of their time.

There were periods that the contributions from SolDevelo made up the majority of activity in the OpenMRS repositories. However, during this time the only module that we were fully responsible for was OpenMRS Android Client. Moreover, we created a dedicated QA team that created and automated test cases covering all the functionalities of the application.

All the best to you in the upcoming year 2016!

Regards, Jakub.


Oh yes, this was indeed great! Will never forget those days when your team gave us a hard time trying to empty the pull requests pool, which you kept filling up! :smile:

We look forward to continuing working together even in 2016 Happy new year to SolDevelo! :smile:

That’s wonderful @jslawinski! Thank you so much for sharing the results from this year’s collaboration. I would love to hear more about how you felt about the cooperation with OpenMRS effected SolDevelo?

For example, what impact did cooperating with OpenMRS make on the business, the developers, etc. Was it positive? Did everything go as planned? Did SolDevelo feel that it was worth donating their time? Are there things we can think about doing differently together this year to make it better for SolDevelo and the developers? etc…

Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing the SolDevelo team in the thick of things with OpenMRS again this year!

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I think that cooperation was positive and beneficial for both sides. We were able to improve the OpenMRS QA processes and developed Android client to the stable version. People were able to learn a lot of things and spent at least some of their time to help others.

One goal that we were not able to achieve during the last year was creating a separate project or another module of OpenMRS that we will be responsible for. We simply didn’t find a suitable one to take over.

I will talk with @raff early next week about plans for 2016. Thank you!

Great - thank you for the extra thoughts here. @darius and I were talking about this the other day and noted that you had wanted a specific project but hadn’t found that. Neither of us thought we (as OpenMRS) did a great job in helping you guys do that last year and we’d like to change that. I think we would both be interested in hearing about what kind of project you think you’d like, and helping SolDevelo find that this year. Let us know if you’d like to talk more about it and we can start figuring out how to support you better!

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