OpenMRS' Analytics

Hi @jennifer,

I will try to shed some light why @zuzanna is asking to get the access to the OpenMRS analytics.

SolDevelo is supporting OpenMRS since December 2013. During the first years we mainly contributed technically and there were periods that the contributions from SolDevelo made up the majority of activity in the OpenMRS repositories. Dozens of people engaged, thousands of hours spent, hundreds of tickets completed (OpenMRS/SolDevelo cooperation in numbers - 2015, We were responsible for such initiatives like Android client, QA/test automation, SDK, Sync2. During the last years we changed our involvement, as we established our foundation ( to cooperate with social impact projects. Our focus is now mainly related to helping with community building, marketing activities and social impact multiplexing.

@zuzanna is helping OpenMRS with the new website implementation, working on its content, preparing layouts, choosing the right templates and creating demo server to demonstrate the proposed solutions. Moreover, she organized and supervised the internship contest that tried to bring new contributors to the community.

Our current goal related to OpenMRS is to help by increasing its outreach. The bigger the project recognition the easier it should be to acquire new contributors, implementers, donors and supporters. Moreover, the increased popularity should also decrease the costs of new project adoptions and should strengthen OpenMRS as one of the most valued and impactful Global Goods to improve UHC.

How the OpenMRS could be better promoted without any serious investments?

The answer is simple - by increasing its visibility in the Internet. Example activities:

  1. The new website should be built taking into consideration how the visitors are behaving, what content they would like to read, which subpages do more harm than benefits. Such meaningful information can be only obtained by reading detailed analytics reports with understanding. You cannot get that information by asking on the forum what people do or don’t like.

  2. The new website with a very valuable content (small bounce rates, long sessions duration, increasing number of users and sessions) should be broadly promoted, for example by using Google Ads grants (10,000 USD per month) for advertising. However, the target audience should be also carefully set, which cannot be done without access to analytics.

@jennifer The numbers you posted at OpenMRS By the Numbers: 2020 Q3 are valuable, but do not bring any meaningful information about how OpenMRS website is behaving and how we could improve it to help OpenMRS grow.

This is why we ask you to get the access to OpenMRS analytics.

Please let me know in case of any questions.

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Jakub.

FYI @burke @herbert24