OpenMRS should run on PostgreSQL

Hi @dkayiwa , @jwnasambu I am Ritika, and I am interested to contribute in the project OpenMRS should run on PostgreSQL for GSoC 2020. I have built openmrs-core and need further guidance on how to proceed with the project. Can you please help? Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community and we are glad you have interest in openmrs . Kindly, have you had a chance of looking at this link GSoC 2020: Warm up practices for students?

Yes I am in progress of reading the open mrs architecture. Shall complete the above warm up practices and then start with this particular project. Thank you.

Did you take a look at the Jira ticket link on the project page?

Sorry @dkayiwa for replying this late as I was unavailable these days due to an emergency. Yes I did have a look at the Jira ticket link on the page but was unable to understand much regarding how and from where to start start work on it.

@ritika could you try to share the ticket link here …Thanks


Did you also checkout the talk discussion thread link on that ticket?

@ritika here is the talk discussion, the comments are a good heads up for the start and you can also have a look at just to get familiar with postgresql

Feel free to report back any challenges or blockers :cowboy_hat_face:

Okay. Thanks a lot @gcliff

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Hi @dkayiwa , @jwnasambu I am Niharika Malleboyina from India. I am currently doing my graduation and I am interested to work on “Open MRS should run on PostgreSQL” in GSOC 2020. I am currently working on Bahmni using OpenMRS and I am interested to contribute to this project also. I request you to guide me in the further process of my contribution.

Am glad you have picked interest in this project. When are you graduating? reason why this program is mainly for students who are still at campus/university.

Thanks for your reply. I am a student now studying at KL University, Andhra Pradesh, India. I will be graduated in 2021.

its okay. Once again welcome to the community. Have you had a chance of following the conversation on this link openmrs should support postgresql?

Yeah! I recently gone through the discussion and completed OpenMRS Environment Setup. Could you help me out for the further process of contribution?

You ought to be working on the introduction tickets too as you think about the project. Kindly follow each and every step in the link I sent you.