openMRS-sdk:watch Skipping Omod and Api Folders

Good day beautiful people, please help, I have been stuck for ages, I have been working on a module using the openmrs-sdk and it was setup to be watched from a server.

Now, the watch commands skips the omod and api folders, I have deleted .m2 folder, created a new server and even created a new module project to no avail; find below the pastebin link to my error.


build the module using mvn clean install,then later on deploy the built .omod file to the modules folder of your openmrs instance

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Thank you so much @herbert24 for this response. I know this is one of the ways to test/use the omod but I will like to take advantage of speed offered by the sdk

the watch command only builds the ui components and not the api

You can try reading this through this link Error while trying to set up the environment. - #6 by ujjwaltyagi355

Or follow on more guidance on this link OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki