OpenMRS platform request 2.4.0-alpha testing

Hello folks;

With the recent released 2.4.0-alpha i would like to take this opportunity to invite volunteers and implementers(thanks to @mogoodrich for the initial testing on the PIH EMR) to help test the alpha and report found bugs and errors on this thread as we plan to head to the beta release.

Some of the key testing arrears are;

  • Ensuring the released platform runs properly on reff app 2.11.0-snapshot via tomcat and the sdk

  • Testing the platform modules through api queries , already testing of the rest and fhir2 module being done here

  • Ensuring that openmrs runs successfully with postgres

Feel free to add your test findings and experience with this new platform alpha here and your feedback will be highly appreciated .

@mogoodrich @dkayiwa @ibacher @herbert24 @ruhanga @grace @jwnasambu @sharif @burke @ssmusoke @wanyee @ball

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This is very cool if at all we can run refapp on platform 2.4.0-alpha :ok_hand:, Will hopefully try out test this

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