Openmrs Platform 2.4.0-alpha released

Hello folks;

Am pleased to inform the community that openmrs platform 2.4.0-alpha has been released and ready for initial testing :smiley:

Feel free to checkout the release notes for some of the new cool features plus the download link.

We would highly appreciate your help with testing this release . Please feel free to report any bugs/ feature requests/ feedback/ suggestions by creating Talk posts/ JIRA Issues/ pinging us on the IRC.

We are thankful to our wonderful developers for their contributions in making this release possible and hambly inviting implementers and volunteers to help with testing this release.

Thank you

@dkayiwa @mogoodrich @burke @k.joseph @ruhanga @ssmusoke @jennifer @grace


Thank you Cliff! Great update.

If people find/log issues in Jira, do you want them to use “Fix Version: Platform 2.4.0” or “Fix Version: Core 2.4.0”?

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well done on this,@gcliff will you want to organize some testing sprint for this?

yes we are going to organize one with atleast one implementer

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@grace thanks ,

as seen here there has been a trend of core and platform for some time (not sure why its done this way) @burke @dkayiwa could there be a reason behind this ?.

Personally i would vouch for only having core 2.4 fix version for the issues in jira and move the platform 2.4 issues to core 2.4

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Wow well done @gcliff , looking forward for full release as we also depend on platform 2.X

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well done, thank you @gcliff

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My interpretation is that Core 2.4.0 refers to fixes applied to the repository whereas Platform 2.4.0 is for issues related to, e.g., packaging the platform.

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thanks @ibacher for the clarification