OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3 Released

Hi All,

The OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3 has been released. This release contains an bug fix for platform 2.0.x.

For download instructions and details in this release, take a look at the release notes page.

Thanks to all the contributors who made this happen.

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Great job @swathivarkala!

@swathivarkala, I just downloaded the standalone and it seems that the module is not bundled with it. I can’t reach the …/ws/v1/rest/session endpoint, and also the maven artifact here seems to be 3MB smaller than the previous release.

We need regenerate the WAR and standalones to ensure they include bundled modules (REST, FHIR, and OWA).

Alternately, I notice that the 2.0.4 release is already underway (maybe @sravanthi17 per this thread), and is released to maven with the seemingly-correct filesize. So we could also retract the 2.0.3 release and just do the 2.0.4 one with the complete artifacts.

(@maurya, @raff, like I mentioned on the other thread, our release process has way too many manual that are too easy to get wrong. We need to get this automated. Help me get this on the roadmap!)

Great work @swathivarkala :slight_smile: Did you remember to release the platform 2.0.3 and platform 2.0.4 versions in JIRA?

Hi Daniel, Yes Daniel. But thats no more available after release.