OpenMRS Ophthalmology?

Hello! Does OpenMRS currently have any ophthalmology modules? I’m representing a consulting team working to recommend and implement an EMR for an ophthalmology non-profit, and we would like to know if the in-house devs need to build one themselves or if there’s anything out there already for them to build off of.



@amlemmon did you get a chance to look at this? OpenMRS for ophthalmology

@jordana how far did you go with this? OpenMRS consultant to develop ophthalmology module

@dkayiwa Many thanks! We must have missed that thread, and while it doesn’t look like there’s a full optho module up and running just yet I’m eager to get our dev in contact with the others working on it. Much obliged.

@jordana My team will only be involved in this for two more weeks, but I would like to give your contact information to our dev in case they want to reach out and collaborate, if you’re willing. It sounds like our needs have considerable overlap.

Hi Alex, My name is Tu Tran (male). I’m planning to make a very simple form for an eye hospital Mbarara University of Science and Technology in hopes that it may speed up the process of completing the outpatient registry. If you already have a form, is it available on the Form Bank? If I finish it within the next few days, I’ll send it your way in case it may help. If you folks already developed something, I would be grateful if you could share it.

Our form only needs a few fields: Basic demographics Visual acuity OD OS Diagnoses OD OS - select from drop down or type in a new one (I have ICD-10 codes on a spreadsheet if you want it) Treatment (if any) OD OS - select from drop down or type in a new one (populating right now based on records)

Many thanks