OpenMRS for ophthalmology

Hi, everyone. I work for an eye care charity, and we are interested in implementing OpenMRS across a number of eye clinics.

I’ve read the implementation guide and had a go with the demo and think that OpenMRS would be a good fit for our needs.

A couple of questions at this early stage:

  1. Has OpenMRS been used for ophthalmology before? I’ve looked through the OpenMRS modules but haven’t been able to find anything.

  2. If not, what’s the usual process for finding some help or a consultant to assist us with this? We already have a very good idea of what we want in a patient information system in terms of clinical data input and reporting (we are working on a DHIS2 prototype for reporting). So it’s a matter of getting this information into an OpenMRS system.

Thanks very much!


I am also looking for the same thing for a clinic in Haiti. If you hear anything, please let me know. If we develop a solution I would be happy to share it if you wish to share your contact info via private message.


I am in the same boat! And I have a clinic in Haiti as well. Do they offer this in French? I actually have other clinics in a few other countries as well. We are needing something easy and customizable like OpenMRS seems to be. Piggybacking on somebody else’s work makes sense. thanks

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Good morning. I have implemented OpenMRS at several institutions in Haiti. OpenMRS is multi-lingual including French and Haitian Creole (in OpenMRS 2.x). When doing form design, they can be designed in any language, or designed to be multi-lingual. I have experience in doing both. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

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This is good news - thank you. It appears that this program is set at only the basic level - and they have kept it very simple which is wonderful. However, is there some type of forum available where I might be able to find a group that has already developed the ophthalmic diagnostic forms that I would be able to simply adopt and add into my version?

Also, It did not appear to have any patient payment information - is that right?

FYI that we have created quite a few concepts for ophthalmology in the CIEL dictionary. I don’t know how many of them are translated into French or Creole, but if you want to review the dictionary and provide translations for the missing ones (or new concepts) I would be happy to add them!


Dear Douglas,

The Form Bank is a place where forms are shared with the community. We always encourage implementations to give back to the community and share their forms.

Form development is very simple and doesn’t require programming skills (with xforms) or very basic HTML/JavaScript skills (with HTML Form Entry).

If there was anyone currently doing ophthalmology, this forum would be the place to meet.

There is a great module called “Cashier Module” that can be used for managing patient payments. I have set this up in the past to even print a receipt for the patient with a receipt printer.

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wonderful – I think I am sold!

thank you very much

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@jordana and others. Greetings from Kenya! Very interested to read others shared interests in eye forms etc. In case others are interested, a quick update on our early work on an ophthalmology functionality on OpenMRS.

The SIM OpenHMIS project ( has started development of a basic ophthalmology functionality on OpenMRS which will be piloted in a Clinical-Officer-Ophthalmolgy-run ophtalmology clinic in a tertiary faith-based hospital in Kenya.

We are be interested in collaborating with others to jointly review and expand the CIEL Dictionary for ophthalmology clinical terms, diagnoses and procedures, and to develop a bank of ophthalmology related HTML forms and reports within OpenMRS.

Our basic approach in OpenMRS development, with the intent of maximizing the customization options for the end user, is to utilize existing general-purpose functionality/modules as much as possible and only develop custom modules for client specific features or where existing modules do not exist.

Please contact us at if you would be interested in collaborating in any way and we can jointly craft a way forward.

We can provide an overview of our phase one basic ophthalmology database plans:

  1. A brief overview document of our phase one plans, with ideas for subsequent phases;
  2. A spreadsheet which includes our initial thoughts on forms needed, and on data fields to be included;
  3. Our current work on identifying additional SNOMED-mapped ophthalmology terms for CIEL dictionary consideration; and
  4. Two initial sample report outputs (a. Kenya MoH monthly report; and b. one clinic internal “glasses ordering” report).
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Just to confirm that CIEL is interested in adding any additional ophtho-related concepts to the shared dictionary.

Thanks! Additional SNOMED-mapped ophthalmology terms will be coming soon for CIEL consideration.

Remember that you don’t need to have only SNOMED terms but the clinical terms can be more specific than terms in SNOMED… For example, include laterality if appropriate :slight_smile: