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Hello, we are investigating the possibility of using OpenMRS entirely offline, with a periodic online synchronization. The specific use case that we’d like to achieve offline is that a new or returning patient comes for a screening and data is collected on a form. At some later date the collection device has connectivity, patients are uploaded and merged/deduped on a centralized server.

The options we are considering include expanding the android app, or an integration with ODK/similar offline forms. Have any other groups had success collecting patient data exclusively offline, and then syncing this data to a centralized server?

We reviewed this talk post, but also wondering if that feature request was moved forward at all. OpenMRS for offline

Thank you!

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@ayeung @sthaiya @mssavai do you think this would be a good use case for mUzima?

Thanks, @dkayiwa.

Hi, @maryrocheleau, mUzima is designed to work both online and offline. For new patients, providers can fill out a registration form on device and then proceed with collecting screening data. For existing patients, providers can download selected cohort (e.g. patients who met certain criteria) and its patients’ records to device when providers have connectivity to the server. Then, providers can proceed with collecting screening data when they are in the field offline. Please see for more information or ping us for any questions. Thanks!

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Hi @ayeung! I’m really curious about mUzima. I’m wondering whether the offline capabilities that mUzima has in it are from the mobile side of the tool, or are there functions that you all have added to OpenMRS platform to extend it for offline use? Does OpenMRS track that there is offline data collection and create the expectation that there should be syncing from X offline instances at some point? Is there monitoring to know which offline instances have synced and when/what was synced?

(Glad to see ya - I hope you’re doing well! :smile: )

Thanks for asking, @janflowers! :slight_smile:

In mUzima, the offline features are from the mobile side, and the app uses offline storage to store recorded data as it awaits syncing to server side. There is a setting on the mobile side for providers to choose from sync real time (data will automatically sync to server once there is a connectivity) or sync on demand (this is the option to allow providers to create new patient records and collection encounter/observation data offline) so that providers can manually push the sync when they have connectivity (most providers would do this when they return to the facility where they can sync via wifi).

Let us know if you need more information or would like us to set up a demo. :slight_smile:

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@maryrocheleau What do you think? Would mUzima be an option to explore? @ayeung Does mUzima use the OpenMRS core and data model in its backend - so essentially it’s a distribution? Or is it a separate app that interacts with OpenMRS on the server only when it syncs? Is mUzima open source or an offering from a specific organization?

Thanks @janflowers these are very interesting questions and am hoping to learn more from the responses. I was privileged to witness providers using mUzima at Murague Hospital, Kenya last year. @ayeung am as well interested to know more about the mUzima mobile app and its functionalities with OpenMRS. Also, how it’s been implemented real-time. I wouldn’t mind you scheduling a demo session to hear more. Thanks for the great effort.

Hi, @janflowers, mUzima is open source.
mUzima Core Module can be downloaded from mUzima APK is available on
Any organization is welcome to download/install/use for their implementations.

Glad you got a chance to see mUzima in action.

We would be happy to schedule a session with demo and Q&A for anyone who might be interested. Would next Thursday (September 19) 3:30pm Eastern African Time work?

Hey Everyone

Is this meeting confirmed?

@maryrocheleau @ayeung @ggomez @dkayiwa @janflowers

We also have Design Forum slots available on Wed 18th September (6pm UTC) , Monday 23rd September (4pm) UTC where this great presentation could be slotted.

Thanks for following up, @c.antwi! I haven’t got any confirmation from anyone yet so it doesn’t look like we will do the demo tomorrow. However, mUzima Team would be happy to do demo on another day. Just let us know. :slight_smile:

@ayeung Actually would you be interested in doing an OpenMRS University session on Wednesday 25th September ? the slot usually runs from 2pm-3pm UTC.

It would be a great opportunity for the community to learn more about the work you are doing and features that mUzima has.

How much time would you need for a demo?

Thanks, @c.antwi! Unfortunately, we have standing calls on Wednesdays 2pm UTC.

Depend on what the audience would like to know (quick introduction or detailed walkthrough), we can customize accordingly. :slight_smile:

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