OpenMRS meet-up in Kampala, Uganda 2015-03-12

OpenMRS in collaboration with ThoughtWorks - Kampala have organized a series of events or meet-ups that are planned to bring together several pogramming students, developers and openmrs implementers for the purpose of sharing resources and working together to enhance Health IT services within Uganda all at a free attendance cost.

Work in a very wonderfully attractive healthy environment for IT, having free access to wifi (See What to avoid when connected to WiFi [To be added]), accessing shared resources, meeting people that are working behind open source health systems, contacts and friendship, Introduction to serious opportunities like Google Summer of Code (GSoC), Collaboration, Wonderful inspiring speakers among other benefits.

The sessions for the starting event are to address opportunities like GSoC, Open Source software, introducing OpenMRS (infrastructure, setting up a developer’s environment for openmrs, Successful installations of OpenMRS in Uganda and other contries, and contributing to openmrs), Health Informatics among others very important subjects

Event details, see gsoc-ug-flyer.pdf (241.4 KB)

FIRST MEET-UP, 12th - 03 - 2015

Register now for attendance freely at:

Proposed Agenda:

Welcoming guests, Introducing the event, briefly what’s openmrs, thoughtWorks, GSoC, and why the collaboration, intentions for the meet-ups etc by Kaweesi Joseph (thoughtworks pal like Renee to speak on their behalf, @dkayiwa to speak on behalf OpenMRS) from 02:10 – 02:40 PM

Announcements, How to behave while at the venue, WiFi rules etc by Renee or Naval (To be contacted) from 02:40 – 03:00 PM

How did you know about this event? - interactive session by @taremwatadeo from 03:00 to 03:15 PM

Open source software and how it’s changing the world, benefits of Foss for attendees at the meet-up etc by Muwanga Kosea (To be contacted) from 03:15 – 03:30 PM

Successful OpenMRS installations in Uganda and all over the world, OpenMRS Demo by @ssemakadde (Waiting response) from 03:30 – 04:00 PM

Break, chatting with different people (contacts sharing, sharing on a web group/email), group photo, letting the whole OpenMRS community informed on the meet-up updates from 04:00 – 04:15 PM

Setting up an OpenMRS developer environment/getting started, opportunities for students within OpenMRS itself, OpenMRS Infrastructure summary by @dkayiwa (To be contacted) from 04:20 – 04:50 PM (10 minutes after for questions and answers)

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) by Kaweesi Joseph from 05:00 – 05:20 PM (10 minutes after for questions and answers)

What Did you expect to find here and what actually happened? How can we improve the next session? (Interactive) by Naval (Let me know if you can help out on this) from 05:30 – 05:50 PM

Announcements, when is the next meet-up (Vote about the day and time), how to keep working remotely, spreading the news etc by ??? from 05:50 – 06:00 PM

Come one come all :smile:

Note: This page is still being modified and keep looking on here for more details


This is exciting. We’re hoping to see many more events in Uganda!

Thanks to our friends at ThoughtWorks for providing the space. Please do take lots of photos and share them with everyone after the first event.


Totally awesome. Please take pictures so we can see!

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I am a regular visitor to Kampala but during weekends mostly. I will be happy to attend one of your events if they can be held on a weekend and possibly share some of our experiences at FACES.


We Shall do so and we shall share them

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thanks i will be available to do the Demo

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I agree with you @eddiemu that some our developers and implementers can better make it up on weekends and am proposing a meet-up of only implementers and developers to figure out how better we can improve and what are the cool stuffs we can consider implementing and helping the student teams to work on, we surely need your support. But on the students side, a working day is better (for me) since some always take weekends for resting as we also take them, besides having some full time at church or fellow-shipping.

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I’d recommend taking a poll/vote of the people attending the first meeting to see what the best days & times might be.

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Alright, thanks @michael for the suggestion. Let me add that to our schedule so that we don’t forget it

Hey @michael, please add editing privilege to @ssemakadde for this post :smile:

We shall be their … am actually continueing with mobilisation and i hope these guys will make it in numbers


I would like to participate. Where can i get details for the next event?

Thank you

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The first event has ended, but I am sure the next one will be announced here soon, so stay tuned!

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@collins we look forward to seeing you in the next in one month’s time from the first.

Have you seen Kampala first meet-up good & promising yet? @ssemakadde, @dkayiwa, @taremwatadeo etc, feel free to modify and add more reporting about the event, am waiting on more photos from Isaac to have them added.

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Hi Kaweesi. When is the next meetup? I will be in Kampala during most of May. If you have an event during that period, I will be happy to attend.

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I hope that we shall have one in May, the next meet-up is most likely to be on 16th, which is next week. Hope to see you in one of these @eddiemu

Of the few people that sent in their votes onto my previously sent email via the OpenMRS Uganda google group. the majority suggested next Thursday. and so i hope to see many of you at Thoughtworks next week, Thursday 16th. :slight_smile:

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For better organization, we have postponed our second meet-up from 16th to 23rd April preferred by Thought-works Kampala pals (our hosts). See you then instead

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