OpenMRS Leadership Call 2015-12-17

Hi All,

We have a leadership call scheduled for this Thursday, December 17. If you normally attend but can not this week please let me know. Also if there are any additional topics or updates you would like to see on this agenda or a future agenda please let me know.



If members from the community would like to see a specific agenda item added to the topic queue or would like to join an upcoming leadership call please reach out to @jthomas

I’d like to get an update on the BAA response…

I will be there, but won’t yet have had enough time to provide a review of the event.

There is a webinar about next steps for the BAA Tuesday 11am EST that I may have difficulty joining because I’m scheduled to land from Dubai 2h earlier. I’m hoping that Burke or Terry can join and give an update.

I think it would be good to discuss licensing in reference to the Bahmni code, as well as, continue discussing the model for that collaboration/partnership.

Thank you for the feedback everyone! I will note all of this on the notes page and then we will prioritize all of the topics accordingly.

here are the notes that i took from the BAA meeting ( they aren’t vetted by anyone but me at this time!) USAID BAA call 12_15_15.docx (108.8 KB)

Thanks,Terry! Any hint as to when the funding would actually show up for these notes if they are finalized in February? Andy

Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH FACMI

Asst. Prof. of Clinical Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology Columbia University Email: andrew.kanter@■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Mobile: +1 (646) ■■■■■■■■ Office: +1 (212) ■■■■■■■■ Skype: akanter-ippnw Yahoo: andy_kanter

I am not sure.

Looks like the April 2016 timeframe Andy.

Community Management Team asks 12_17_15.docx (66.1 KB)

here is what we need you to share at the current time as we start on the operational plan and prepare for the annual report. THANKS. Terry

I recall @paul made a comment about the bahmni licensing issue. But, I don’t recall what he said. What are the next steps?

The relationship of Bahmni to “a community managed distribution” is one of the issues that shapes the feasibility of some of our options for the reference app.

I think the next steps on this are:

  1. David explores TW’s willingness to license Bahmni code under MPL instead of AGPL
  2. OpenMRS explores its willingness to have AGPL coffee in its repos +/- included in its official community distros
  3. someone looks at exactly what is implied by combine MPL and AGPL code into a product

We don’t have a specific plan for doing 2 and 3 yet.

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