OpenMRS Jira - Gateway Timeouts

It seems something is wrong with OpenMRS Jira:

504 Gateway Time-out

Any ETA for fixing it?

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cc @cintiadr @dkayiwa

@mozzy this should be your friend:

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sure :grinning: ,let me befriend it

Yes, I know. This is breaking 3 or 4 times per week now. Today I didn’t have time to login to my laptop.

@whiscard would you have any time to look why crowd is so incredibly unstable? I tried to increase memory, but I simply don’t have the time to look.

I’ve been forcing it to stop and starting it so many times.

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thanks @cintiadr. its ok now

@cintiadr yes, I schedule sometime over the weekend to look into this.

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It was down again, for more than 12 hours.

Apparently we are continuing to get crowd unresponsive, even after repeatedly increasing memory for java. CPU is skyrocketing.

The problem seems to only happen after nginx vhosts.conf file were updated last. Maybe that’s because I ran ansible and there was a manual change there.

I have the suspicious it’s the timeout in nginx that could have triggered that. I did manually downgraded to 2 minutes again, let’s see if that quiets the problem. If that’s correct, will reflect that in ansible.


Unfortunately it didn’t work. So I just restarted it because meh.

Jirra and Wiki and Openmrs Id down again cc @dkayiwa and @cintiadr

Yes, I know. It’s going down every day. It appears that @whiscard couldn’t look this weekend.

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@cintiadr Which Crowd version do you use? Have you contacted Atlassian support?

Hi @jslawinski,

We currently have 15x more users than crowd actually supports.

If you are willing to help, I’d love more eyes to

Sure, can you give me the access to confluence pages and talk threads mentioned in these tickets?

Moreover, how many users do you have?

Probably more than 150k now.

I will schedule time this weekend to login to my personal laptop to grant access to the pages and any jira tickets missing.