fail to log in the JIRA

My account and password is corret. But I can’t log in the JIRA.I tried to change my password, and it didn’t work. I would be appreciate If someone can give me some advice. When I log in on this page. I got the 504 error.

JIRA seems to be down @isaaclin

cc @cintiadr

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expereincing the same problem cc @cintiadr

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When JIRA gets back, can you guys turn on automatic login? That way you will not have this problem. Am able to access JIRA and do anything i want because am automatically logged on.


Sometimes I’m away from the laptop, sometimes I’m sick and I cannot come to the computer to fix that.

Are you able to help me with any of these tickets?

Also @whiscard, any chance you could help me?

Ooh sorry, Quick recovery.:unamused:

@cintiadr Cool. I’m already checking.

I’ll also be checking pingdom for manual interventions.

Pingdom has push notifications, @whiscard. Feel free to add it.

You can also check emails if you prefer.

@cintiadr cool, the push notifications are easier.

I checked the logs yesterday. Do you know what (service) stops working when the outage happens? It looked like the crowd service is usually still running.

Crowd stops responding, @whiscard

It eats all the cpu available and dies of starvation I suppose. Not even answering kill, only kill -9

For now I’m ok having a daily stop + start, while we delete old users. But I need more hands to get that out sooner.

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Noted @cintiadr

I’ll chip in where time allows.

Just a quick update.

I think restarting it every day is buying us time. I should come back to this problem mid August.

No updates yet, I won’t have time to improve it before September.

I’d really appreciate some help on any ticket in ‘ToDo’:

So far I got a few people who offered, but none actually followed up.