OpenMRS Implementation Expertize


I would like to share TekMindz expertise in implementing OpenMRS.

TekMindz is one of the largest companies from Asia providing configuration, customization and implementation services on OpenMRS. We bring on table rich experience by customizing OpenMRS framework for various healthcare agencies in US, Africa and Afghanistan to suit specific needs.

We will like to discuss with you and identify areas where we can work with you in your healthcare initiatives. We wish to work as your extended technology arm by bringing to the table our vast and previous experience of implementing OpenMRS.

Kindly let us know your views and we can come on call and showcase the work we have done in OpenMRS and also identify areas where we can work together.

OpenMRS experience:  OpenMRS modules which were customized and implemented: • patient registration, • out patient management • appointment scheduling • health trend summary • diagnosis, • prescription, • pharmacy, • laboratory, • hospitalization, • pharmacy • inventory management, • in Patient management and • bed management. • BIRT reporting  It is a work flow based solution and is to be integrated with other 3rd party systems such as DHIS2, ODOO using OpenHIE standards. Also integrated GIS for mapping physical address.  The solution has been implemented for multiple location Polyclinics and Hospitals  Single sign-on has been implemented  The solution implemented is Multilingual

Brief profile of TekMindz: TekMindz is a 10 years old, IT solutions & services company headquartered in India, serving startups, small and medium sized businesses and enterprises across North America , Africa and Asia. Bringing together technology, people and processes across diverse sectors for organizations around the world, TekMindz enables business enterprises and governments to most effectively serve their customers and citizens.

TekMindz has delivered end to end products/ solutions with complete technology ownership. TekMindz is CMMi Level 3 and ISO 27001.

TekMindz advantage is ability to provide complete solutions under one roof, ability to quickly ramp up and flexible delivery models.

TekMindz key offerings are offshore development center setup and services, outsourced product development, product reengineering, application development, professional services, mobile application development, big data and analytics and testing services.

We are an IT Technology solution and services company where we have developed products for various client across various domains and worked as Offshore Delivery center for our partners in various geographies. We enable our clients and front ending partners to focus on getting more business while we focus on technology and providing the end to end IT services to meet the business requirements.

Some of the key solutions and products developed by TekMindz are HMIS, Electrical Vehicle charging platform for Hybrid Vehicles in US as part of Green IT initiatives, providing big data solution for cross brand loyalty program for a leading bank in US, Nigeria Immigration Services, Unified Payment Platform in Nigeria and Tanzania, Mobile Banking and mobile wallet in Africa, Human Resource Management system for Central Government and Banks in India.

Our website and case studies can be found at following links:

Please feel free to contact me at amitabh dot anand at tekmindz dot com

Are your module customisations open source?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your note.

In line with your message, we are an IT services company. We are customization and implementation partners for companies who are looking for healthcare solutions using OpenMRS platform. Hence these modules are not for opensource.


Amitabh Anand.

Oh i see! :slight_smile:

Did you get a chance to look at this?

Would you like to contribute to this thread? Service Provider Program - Draft definition and terms

HI @amitabh, thanks for the introduction! It might help if you can give a direct link to some OpenMRS- or health-related case studies.

We are in the process of putting together a Service Providers program; please do review and/or comment on the link Daniel shared: Service Provider Program - Draft definition and terms. It sounds like TekMindz is just the kind of group we’d like to have participate.

@saurabhverma (also from TekMindz) and I just spoke and we’d like to set up a public call for you all to showcase the work you’ve done, and what your implementation and dev capabilities are.

Often we do this kind of showcase in the Developers Forum time slot (10am New York, 7:30pm India). Is that a generally good time slot, and should we set up a poll for which week to do?

Dear Darius,

Thank you for the note.

In line with your mail, can we plan for a demo during the 3rd week of June 2018. Please let us know if this works.


How do I get started- I need help getting started with initial implementation. I could not figure out how to “find” someone to assist.



Hi @imhealth, if you’re looking to contract a person or company to help with implementation (or development, or advising, etc), you should post the details of your request in the #implementing:job-board category.

(We are in the process of putting together a Service Provider program, but it’s still nascent, so I can’t point you to that yet.)

Hi Geoff,

In line with your posting, we would like to have some more inputs.

  • What version of OpenMRS is being implemented?

  • Are you looking for a simple set-up of OpenMRS?

  • What have you done so far regarding implementation if you can explain where exactly are the challenges being faced and at what steps are you hitting a road block?

  • What are the modules you are looking for implementation?

  • What are your requirements post Implementation, do you need to further customize it or you just want to understand the offerings of base vanilla OpenMRS?

Looking forward for your inputs.



We are totally new to Open MRS.

Looking to get more info to see if this is a good fit for us. I would like to SPEAK to someone about this.

Dear Geoff,

Thank you for the note.

Please let me know a good time and date for a call. Please also share your phone number on separately on my email address –

Looking forward to speak with you.


@amitabh we have never come across a project (be it with OpenMRS or Bahmni) that couldn’t be published as open source or contributed back to the community, at least for the most part (of course some metadata configs might just remain private, but that’s about it.)

Is it that TekMindz is ensuring that they can keep reselling custom developments across clients, or is it that your clients tend to request that their paid-for developments should not be shared with the wider OpenMRS community? If the latter it would be interesting to understand why such situations occur, and I understand that they “may” occur.