OpenMRS has been selected to participate in GSOD 2019!!!

Great News !

OMRS has been selected to participate in the GSoD 2019 program

Congratulations to all who supported this effort!

For More information please visit


Great news. Congrats everyone !!!

Congratulations!!! :openmrs::smiley:

this is greatful :+1::clap:

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woow great work @gcliff @tendomart @c.antwi and the rest of the team members who took time to work on this

yo welcome @mozzy

Congratulations on getting selected for the first ever GSoD program :heart_eyes:

Awesome, this is amazing news! Congrats all!

Great news! this calls for celebration at the same time hard work. It wasn’t easy but surely OpenMRS has hit the record as part of the pioneers for GSoD ever :slight_smile:

Thanks Team for the efforts.

This is the result of intense work and perseverance. Congratulations to everyone! :slight_smile:

Great News!!! Congratulations Everyone.