OpenMRS Global Good Video Script

Hey everyone,

It looks like our Global Good video script is starting to take shape!

If you want to help write or review the script, this is your chance! We have until Monday, November 9 to finalize the script so that Techchange can start video production.

The intro is pretty standard for all of the GG videos. Our sections include:

  • Fictional short personal story
  • Introduction to the tool and steward organization
  • How the tool works
  • Interviews with Representative, Ministry Officials, Healthworkers
  • Closing

Click here to find out what this is all about. TL;DR We’re creating an educational/promotional video in collaboration with Techchange. It will be one of several videos featuring global goods - all of which will be used in a course designed to empower leaders and managers with the technical concepts and planning tools necessary to steer and orient national digital health stakeholders.

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Happy Friday!

This is a gentle reminder to help us draft the OpenMRS Global Good video script. Wednesday, November 11 is Remembrance/Veteran’s Day. Please share your input by Monday, November 9.

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Hi Jen, My main piece of feedback so far is that the narrative seems entirely focused on a workflow where paper registers are used to manage care, but nothing else (i.e. no per-patient paper record). Was this intentional? It makes OpenMRS sound more like a digital register/spreadsheet than an EMR. I’ve added some suggestions to add a little more color for point of care or, more likely, individual patient care, e.g.:

Dr. Kamara has been providing care in the Kangan district in rural Kashmir for years. Patients often waited for hours for their paper records to be found. She had to search through pages in front of them, and often couldn’t find the information she needed. As the demand for patient data grew, she also had to enter information in multiple paper registers. Compiling the necessary reports by hand took 2 to 3 days, and the report requests kept increasing.

Does this resonate?

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It wasn’t intentional. Having multiple scenarios would be great - and time will be our limiting factor.

Please feel free to make your additions/changes directly in the script: Techchange will be reviewing it tomorrow.

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Great! FWIW I timed myself talking through the sections I made suggestions in, to make sure that my suggestions wouldn’t take us too much over time :slight_smile:

So we’ve received some feedback on the script, along with some really good suggestions. Romana is going to take a first pass at integrating the feedback. Please check back later this week for updates to the script!

Additional good news: b-roll is currently being uploaded to our Photos shared drive!

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Techchange has done a LOT of work on our script - and it’s really starting to come together.

As we discovered with the brand video script, it’s easy to add content - and hard to cut down. We’re in the same position with this script. We need to do one final edit before Christine does the voice and if anything, we need to pare the content.

Please review and suggest changes. Techchange would like to finalize the script this week.

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If you want to know what the final video could look like, take a peak at what Techchange has put together for Medic Mobile’s Community Health Toolkit.

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