OpenMRS Global Good Video for the WHO Digital Health course

About the same time that the OpenMRS Academy Squad was identifying facilitators for the OpenMRS Academy Fundamentals course, we learned about an opportunity to collaborate with Techchange on a 5-6 minute video about OpenMRS to be included in this new WHO Digital Health course. It would have been great to include this kind of video in the first OpenMRS Academy - and the timelines simply didn’t align.

The opportunity is still open! The team from Techchange would like to meet with us early next week to talk through timeline, video outline and sample script, going through workflow, and any questions.

Who’s up for meeting with them? Day/time options could include:

  • Monday, October 12 at 2pm UTC
  • Monday, October 12 at 4pm UTC
  • Thursday, October 15 at 3pm UTC

Let me know if you have a preference.

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USAID, Digital Square, PATH, and TechChange, based on content compiled by the WHO and the ITU. The course is designed to empower leaders and managers with the technical concepts and planning tools necessary to steer and orient national digital health stakeholders. It will mainly target officials from health, ICT, and finance ministries who work in Digital Health and in-country stakeholders who work with these ministries, such as donors, multi-laterals and UN agencies, and large implementing NGOs.

We are building the course with TechChange and creating lots of interactive content. As part of the curriculum, TechChange is creating a handful of short 5-6 minute videos that will each feature a detailed explanation of a specific global good. The videos will serve two purposes: 1) they will serve as instructional material to provide course participants context with specific case examples of different global goods softwares and we are hoping that they can also 2) serve to advocate and promote the benefits of using global goods softwares to a larger digital health stakeholder audience, who may not have attended the course. Potentially they could even be used as promotional videos by you guys.


HI Jennifer,

Monday Oct 12 at 2pm is good for me.

Best, Khaled


I’m happy to find some time to meet with TechChange.

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Monday October 12th

For me both days and hours are okay. I’ll adjust to you

Thanks, @kbediri @wanyee @gracebish and @zuzanna! Let’s go ahead with Monday, October 12 at 2pm UTC. I’ll add this to the OpenMRS Calendar and include you all on the calendar invite.


So that’s 9am CDT in Chicago… I think I can make that.

Here are some additional materials that have been shared with us:

  • A rough timeline for the creation process.
  • An outline and sample script for our reference. It will guide us in the content, word count, etc. when writing our script.
  • A template for us to fill in with our draft script and corresponding visual descriptions & files.

Last October, we began working with Techchange on this video project. I’m pleased to share the final, ~9min video with everyone.

As we said at the outset, this will be used in a WHO course for digital health leaders. We also have access to the video and can use it for our own purposes. For instance, we can feature it on our website, include it in our new volunteer and developer guides, and integrate it into our OpenMRS Fundamentals Academy. I hope to hear from Techchange about making it accessible on other platforms as well.

Have other ideas about how and where we can use this video? Please share!