OpenMRS Flow: Workflows & Logic

Hi, this thread is a place to discuss the Workflows & Logic for the project, tentatively titled OpenMRS Flow.

This continues the conversation from the original talk thread: An Amazing future for OpenMRS, based on the concept paper, discussed on Monday’s design call:

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OpenMRS Flow: Workflow & Logic - Question Summary Document

This document will track the weekly Workflow & Logic Questions (workflows, programs, visit types, encounters, etc)

Question 1: How do implementers currently implement programs, workflows, departments, programs, visits, forms, encounters, and logic to control workflows and care pathways?

Please add your organization’s approach to this working document:

Also, it would be very helpful to collect examples of existing forms & workflows that implementations are using today, or planning to implement.

Please upload example documents to this temporary public Google Drive Folder or send them via DM or email

I entirely understand that the term ‘workflow’ is going to mean something different to everyone. At this time the goal is not to define workflows, but to understand from implementors how they are interpreting and using the concept of ‘workflows’.

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Thank you

@jesplana it would be great if you could skim through the head post of this thread and rebound with your insight (and that of our shared colleagues). There’s also a bunch of files to go through… In particular we might want to contribute to ‘UX Implementor Survey: Workflows / Forms / Logic’.

@gschmidt I think our concern/challenge will lie around how the ‘home distribution’ (the one along which Flow is used) displays or reports what is happening (or has happened) in Flow. But others will articulate this better than I do.

Cc: @lilian @janflowers

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The linked Talk thread below does a good job illustrating some of the current workarounds implementors are using in the Program / Visit / Encounter workflows:

Thanks so much @burke for initiating this discussion and everyone for the meaningful contributions. @gschmidt I appreciate your contributions to this more so on the flows and the wireframes and I would also like to add to them.

Most implementations must be struggling with workflow/flowsheet designs around POC setting where at least a provider is at every service point i.e. triage, pharmacy etc vs having a simple flow for a provider who performs all the tasks. I am particularly keen on having a smoothly flowing workflow for a clinician who have to do for instance triage, allergies, chronic illnesses, tb screening plus other screenings, diagnosis, labs and medications in the same sitting. Previously, implementations have approached this using a separate form for every section or one long form with wizard feature that neatly takes you to the next section. During the last OpenMRS conference, PIH shared the flowsheet module which can easily put several forms into a flowsheet. I am sharing this context so that as we discuss around workflows, we also put them in mind because user experience is great when we reduce as many clicks/navigation as much as possible. It would be interesting to hear what others think.

Regards, Antony