Capacity and Education Activities for 2019

Have you seen these threads from last year? As historic "core devs" move on, where do we go from here? OpenMRS course on udemy for new Developer/Learner

Interested in talking about these and some of these additional ideas that the community has shared?

  • Implement "development" tracks for non-developers
  • Restart OpenMRS University
  • Mentors across implementations
  • Fellowship and training opportunities
  • Create OpenMRS certification developer/implementer program
  • More scholarships

Come join a conversation about what activities we can do this year to build our capacity and make educational opportunities available to the community.

When: Thursday, 28 February 2019, 3-4:30pm UTC/10-11:30am EST/7-8:30am PST Where: or by phone +1-888-510-4073.


Thank you @jennifer for sharing this.

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thanks jenifer for this

Thanks for sharing,I will try to be there.

Will be available thanks for sharing this

Is this already on the OpenMRS Calendar? As for the time, it would also help to include the equivalent time for the countries/cities where some of the expected attendees are.

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@Jennifer, this would be a great way to start off this year for education goal.

@dkayiwa, not sure where you are but this is 6pm EAT. If you need another time try this website.

or you can type 3pm UTC local time in the google search bar and it will tell you.

@jennifer @ruffjm here is an example of what am talking about: Bahmni PAT call 6-Jun-2018 - QA/UAT for 0.91

To be precise, this is the text of interest: The call will be at 7am Seattle, 10am Boston, 16:00 Berlin, 5pm Nairobi, 7:30pm IST. See more time zones .

And here is an example of some one asking for such: OpenMRS Strategy and Operations Call - 2019-02-28

Thanks, @dkayiwa, for the example. I can easily adopt that style moving forward.