OpenMRS clubs at High School and College Level

I had completely forgotten about this. :smile:

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This coming week i will try to contact makerere and mbarara university … you never know we can have another me or a couple of mes on board … i will give feedback after

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@dkayiwa @taremwatadeo et al. Do you have a slide deck that you prepared to present to the students that you could share? What lessons did you learn from your engagement approach?

we want to develop that , for now we haven’t am trying to develop a concept and then we share what we shall have by then

Friends, its time to implement this. We have got permission on 4/3/2020 at Bugema University, Kampala Campus at 4pm to have a talk on openmrs and its related projects. For the sake of getting permission, I shared with the Academic Registrar that our one hour talk will base on:

  • Openms community and GSoC
  • How the community operates and how students can participate
  • Then we’ll have time to talk to interested Students.

We have approximately 2 weeks to prepare ourselves and the ball is in our hands. What should we do to make this event a success? Kindly feel free to share your ideas as well as what to be discussed as you select who will head the event. Thank you in advance.

cc @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke, @kdaud, @reagan, @k.joseph, @irenyak1,@tendomart, @ruhanga, @sharif, @taremwatadeo, @jmpango, @lufafa, @slubwama, @odorajonathan, @gcliff, @herbert24, @mozzy, @samuel34 , @ etc


great works @jwnasambu cc @jennifer

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thanks for the good work @jwnasambu. we will be glad to join

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Thanks, @jwnasambu, for sharing this and setting up that meeting.

I think the agenda you have looks good: getting the students more involved in GSoC is something that we can do with them this year that is already established. What do you think about presenting past GSoC projects that have been well received by the community?

Also, it would be great if we can use this opportunity to encourage more women to get involved with GSoC.


Thanks alot @jwnasambu, @jennifer for initiating this thread , GSOC current projects that have been done can be used as example to show case the how openmrs can be of help to them(students), great idea

Thanks @jwnasambu for this I believe it will be a good one if we make good preparations.

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Will join you guys later on after 5pm.

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Any list of things to prepare a slide deck for pitching in the limited time available… I think @odorajonathan and @hilz041 are warming up as our ambassadors at Bugema.


Great work @jwnasambu and great opportunity to my fellow collegemates .i for one gonna get the date known to more of them

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cc, @jwnasambu

Thank you @tendo. Part from ambassadors , members what else do we need? I kindly request for a volunteer to spearhead this event.

hi julie,i will spear head this

Hello friends, mobilization of students to attend this event is ongoing and we have less than a week to go. What do you expect to see in this event and after as an individual? Assume you are picked on randomly to speak, what will you dwell on? I want to believe we are going to get students to join this community how are we going to nurture them? @jmpango you talked about building a strong UgandaEMR community could this be an opportunity to get members to join the community how are we going to accommodate them? Kindly let us share our ideas. mean while @herbert24 help us secure permission from Kyambogo University.

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according to the last pm call,i am supposed to come up with the presentation for bugema that i will be sharing during the monday pm call.

Am sorry I missed the call. I look forward for the presentation.

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I have made arrangements to join this activity, do let me know how I can be of service