OpenMRS clubs at High School and College Level

After my research i have realized that if we could create openMRS clubs at high school level(Uganda) so that by the time interested students can reach at university level are already comfortable to system.

This is due to most students get introduced to programming at university level as far as my country and therefore openMRS being the first platform they get introduced would create an attachment with an interested student.


This sounds like a cool idea!

One thing to keep in your mind is Google Code-in, which we did last year and may do again at the end of this year. It’s an opportunity for high school students to learn about open source & contribute in different ways.

More details at and here’s a video from one of our GCI students @uzanysa that describes the program:

Stay tuned for announcements about GCI in the upcoming months!

How can they participate yet they don,t even know about it… My view was if there was away they(students) organised in groups could get a chance of meeting people who know about all these opportunities and then get introduced to these opportunities and to openMRS could help them get engaged especially with openMRS .

NB. most high school students in uganda know less about coding and computer programming .

Thats a very good idea. This will lead to quality of codes because by the time students reach on university level, they will have gained skills and confidence to the system

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Indeed it is a brilliant idea however there is still much need of sensitisation about coding and computer programming…this is because the best students learn in high school here in Uganda for example are Microsoft office packages and that’s it…

My advice would be to start with the universities as they have more resources and can support longer term efforts, before moving down to high school

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This is a great idea however I think starting with the university at a programming level would be good but again if this same idea is taken to high schools would be a better idea however I think with the high school students, interacting with openmrs system would be good for starters as selling to them the idea to start programming is being put into consideration.

@ssmusoke Do you think we can get some of the openmrs implementing organisations in uganda to support the initiative as this can also increase on the number of people they can select from incase they need to recruit.

We can also write concepts to universities to include openmrs in some of the course projects for example one would have creating an openmrs module that does a certain role an acceptable project for recess or internship

That is exactly what i have always thought about. But never got time to actually do it. My plan was, walking straight to Makerere University and have a conversation with the head of the computer science department. And afterwards give a talk to the students (I have ever done it before). If only i could get time to actually do it again. :slight_smile:


This is really a cool idea! If @dkayiwa’s idea is implemented, I think will be a great resource for OpenMRS community.

Guys high schools are too much work, you will not be able to sustain any efforts there.

Universities are the place to start, as the efforts can even be weaved into final year projects.

@taremwatadeo The value has to be clearly defined - the implementing partners are being asked to do more with less, so there has to be something concrete to work with


@ssmusoke though a hard thing to accomplish ,could GCI be front to reach High Schoolers ,in case there is support from Partners if any ?

the good thing we have many Ugandans now on board who can reach out to those Universities instead of those like you who lack time

@tendomart if i got you right, what has this got to do with partners? I thought any one like me and you can pull this off. :smile:


Yes Very much but also may Require some facilitation for outreach , especially for masses.:wink::wink:

(Just Thinking Out Loud)

You do not need any facilitation. Just talk to the administrators of the institutions, who will avail a room for you to talk to the masses.

Alright then.

Am going to share this with makerere university College of computing administration since am a graduate student their and more so graduate students representative to the academic board and then give feedback. @dkayiwa i remember i got on board because you came to have a talk with us at makerere in 2014

implementing partners can get a large pool of people to select from incase of need for contributors . The Institution for example can also get more people interested in health informatics studies since its one of the trending courses