OpenMRS Atlas 3.1 - GSoC 2019 Mid-Term Presentation

Here’s my mid-term presentation for the GSoC 2019 project OpenMRS Atlas 3.1 . :slight_smile:

cc: @burke @cintiadr @harsha89 @suthagar23


Great work, @heliostrike! I’ve really enjoyed working with you. Your video is awesome, except for having to see my face. :wink:


welldone @heliostrike

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@heliostrike great work and congratulations to your mentors too.

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@burke @spkabugo1 @jwnasambu Thank you! :slight_smile:

Its my first time writing code that would reach so many people, so I’ve had a pretty motivated and fun time working on this project. :slight_smile:

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well done @heliostrike

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