OpenMRS as HMIS?

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Dear @ferdis, I am not aware of anyone using OpenMRS for everything you mention. There are various organizations that are using it for most of the things that you mention. For the management side of things, check out the great work by @ibewes and his OpenHMIS team.

Another key idea in the OpenMRS community is interoperability. For example, the OpenMRS recommended way for Lab and XRay is integrating a separate LIMS or PACS.

OpenMRS makes a great national EMR, and Kenya and Mozambique (through iTech) would be some examples of countries that have done so. Each institution would run OpenMRS on their own (or a virtual server that could be hosted at a central location).

Welcome to the OpenMRS community. If you have more questions, or need additional clarification, please feel free to ask.

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Hi @ferdis,

In addition to the OpenHMIS work that James mentions, the Bahmni Distro of OpenMRS comes closest to being a full HMIS solution, though it doesn’t do everything you mention.

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