OpenMRS Android client

I would love to test this app but all of the Android devices i install on it won’t open. Error message “OpenMRS Android Client has stopped”. Any assistance will be appreciated. Many persons have indicated on Play Store that they’re experiencing similar issues.

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cc @f4ww4z

Actually I tested it myself a few days back and the release version of the android client is crashing at the very start. Was pre-occupied with some issues but will look into it tomorrow. Meanwhile, do you want to just test the app or you are willing to contribute? If you just want to test it, I can mail you the stable app, otherwise, you can clone the repository and build it on Android Studio itself :slight_smile:

cc: @f4ww4z @saurabh can you guys also check the play store version for error once


@denniew could you please download the app from our release page from here and check if that works for you .

Thanks for responding. I would like to just test the app so if you email a copy that would be fantastic.

Thank you

did you try downloading it from here, otherwise ping me your address, i will send you the debug app

Yes I did. Same issue

try this apk, ive tested it and seems stable

Thank you so much :pray: This worked flawlessly!


@denniew great to know it’s working for you.

@denniew the issue has fixed here thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile:

When can we get a stable version release on that’s not a debug release?

cc @f4ww4z we should get it by next release I think !!

@denniew Yes the next release is coming up soon, and we are also planning to publish it to F-Droid so it’s official.

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Tested and found the same results as others 2.8.4 crashes as does the latest 2.8.3 build. Having it on the play store is likely affecting the uptake negatively. Personally I would have it in one store or the other (F-Droid or Play Store) and only deploy tested releases to the store(s). In our case, we are bidding on some work and want to use OpenMRS mobile but would rather not while the Play Store app isn’t functioning as it’s likely to be installed and tested by the grantor during bid review.

we have corrected the bug found, but were waiting for few more features to be added before we can push the new update to the store. Can you let us know the bidding date so we can look forward to updating the playstore version before that date if possible.

cc: @f4ww4z

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@p33b33 We are almost ready to release it to FDroid, I just didn’t get the time to setup the build process to publish there, will do this in the next few days.

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Yes @p33b33 we would love to align our release on F-Droid as well as Play Store as per the bidding date if the timelines aren’t too stringent . :slightly_smiling_face:

Something is not working for me in authentication. When i click login it doesnt move to next step. Can someone help?