OpenMRS android client GSoC 2020

@f4ww4z Hey Fawwaz, Sidharth here. I wanted to contribute to the android client as part of GSoC 2020 So, I just checked out the JIRA page for the android client, seems all current issues are have already been assigned, Should I look for new issues/enhancements or will you be putting issues and we should volunteer?, I am sorry, I’m not sure how this works… It is my first time trying for GSoC…

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welcome @shambu2k you will find this to be useful. you can also raise new Issues if there arent any issues ready for work yet!! :grinning:

Thanks a lot… One more thing sir , this years GSoC 2020 objectives include converting Java Code to Kotlin… can I start doing that and give PRs now itself?

You will first have to raise Issues in JIRA and then if they get approved for work you can submit PRs for them. You can also have a look here this might help :smiley:

Okay, Thanks sir :+1:


Yes as mentioned earlier, go to JIRA and make issues for that. make sure the issues are reviewable - that is don’t have 1 big issue to convert ALL code to kotlin. Instead maybe have 1 issue to convert 1 screen’s code to kotlin (the activity, fragment, presenter, contract code).