OpenMRS and Images manipulation

Hi, does OpenMRS provide a capability of storing images such as x-ray images?

Dear @sammy

as far as I know OpenMRS itself cannot store x-ray images in DICOM format (please someone correct me if I am wrong). But there are modules out there that can help you to connect OpenMRS to a PACS server, which is capable of storing your DICOM images.

I know of two options:

  1. Module

which I am currently contributing to. It connects OpenMRS with an open source PACS

You enter a radiology order (chest x-ray) via the OpenMRS radiologydcm4chee module, which sends this order to the PACS. The PACS manages these orders in its worklist (DICOM modality worklist). The physician at the x-ray (if it has the capability to query the DICOM modality worklist) can get the radiology order from the PACS, make the exam and send those images to the PACS. These images can then be viewed from within OpenMRS radiologydcm4chee module via a DICOM web viewer such as for example

The workflow I described in openmrs-module-radiologydcm4chee is working but still a little rough. In my opinion the module is still in development stage and I do not know of any implementation that uses it as it is now.

  1. I think that Partners In Health (PIH) have implemented OpenMRS with integration of a McKesson PACS

I think the modules they use are:

Maybe somebody involved in this project could share some insights?

I hope I could help a little, and if you want to help with please feel free and join the discussion here Contributing to module radiologydcm4chee :slight_smile: