OpenMRS 2.5.0 can't connect to my mysql

Hi guys, I made a stupid problem so that I have to reinstall my OpenMRS. Unfortunately, I meet this problem at present.

My environment is Mac Big Sur 11.2.3, Java 1.8, MySQL 8.0.23. Before I started running my OpenMRS, I initialized my mqsql like this

But, it can not prevent me from previous mentioned problem. Could someone give me a hand? Thank you!

By the way, there is an error reporting when I run ‘mvn jetty:run’ command, you can check it by this link:OpenMRS server implementing -

I try to set a password to openmrs_user, but failed.

That’s what I can provide as far as the present.

Can you share screenshots of what you provided for the openmrs setup wizard?

I would like to show you my setup wizard, but where can I find it? I have no idea about it.

Then series of screens that you go through in the browser, when setting up OpenMRS.

This is what I set in my browser. Thank you

Can you share the contents of your runtime properties file via

Hi, I think this is what you want my runtime properties. Thank you!

By the way, I also try to change the connection.username and connection.password to my own settings.

Delete the runtime properties file, drop the openmrs database, and then restart openmrs.

Thank you very much, I will try it and give you a feedback. Thank you!

You mean I should drop the my openmrs databse from mysql databases?

yes ,something like mysql> DROP DATABASE "database name";

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Sorry, this method doesn’t work… Do I need to reinstall my OpenMRS by maven? This is the new warn output

Besides, I’m using Tomcat 7.0, and I’m not sure is there any conflict between Tomcat and Mysql

Delete the openmrs database and the runtime properties file. Then tell us what you see in the browser after restarting OpenMRS.

截屏2021-04-12 10.02.43

When did you last update your openmrs-core from upstream?

Last month, I git clone from the mater branch of openmrs-core

Update to the very latest and then run the setup afresh.

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