OpenMRS 2.5.0 can't connect to my mysql

I used this command git clone to get a new openmrs-core, and followed its tutorial, but failed. You can see the output in PasteBin

Sorry for bothering you. I want to ask you that If we want to develop and adapt OpenMRS we should use Reference Application 2.11.0 Individual Components for Advanced Installation or clone from the github?

Does any other kind people can answer my question…

Have you tried the OpenMRS SDK? OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

No, I haven’t. Because we are a team and my team members have set up the OpenMRS core success, so I think I have to solve this problem. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot.

Like what kind of changes are you planning to make?

Our project title is ‘Develop OpenMRS demonstrator for COVID-19’ and we want to add an information visualization model for OpenMRS and redesign the web page for adding more information about patients, for example, what kinds of medicines they have used and how does the medication work.

@d404d looking at your use case,i would recommend you to use the sdk,OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki as arleady shared by @dkayiwa

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Yeah, thank you very much. But our teacher suggested us to use the opeenmrs-core as our developing basis. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

The SDK runs openmrs-core


It will not affect our teamwork right? If my team members do not use the SDK to run the openmrs-core

it will not

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Thank you, I will try it

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In the end, I succeed. I open the /User/delldai/.OpenMRS/openmrs-runtime.propertise and change the username and password to my own. Although I’m sure whether this change will affect my project in the future, this is the only method that can save my work at present.

I also thank the people who gave me a hand in this time. Thank you

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