OCL work update

Hi @paynejd ,

Let me update you on the OCL work. We are making progress, but it is slow.

We are still in the process of setting up the dev environment. Most of the issues we hit is related to holes in documentation, but some seem like actual bugs in code. Sometimes it seems strange to us that things work in production, but not for us. It makes us wonder if the production server is running some older version of code?

Things we did so far:

  1. Created docker containers for running ocl, mongodb and solr in one simple command docker-compose up. We added notes to documentation on running docker, but we haven’t updated manual steps yet. Some manual steps like configuring solr and server addresses are still missing and we need to add them.
  2. Upgraded mongodb and solr to the latest released versions.
  3. Fixed a bug preventing us from importing concepts at https://github.com/OpenConceptLab/oclapi/commit/7e8ba472006ac8fb278bcb5d5a5cda991ee215cc
  4. Added demo data and simple import script to OCL at https://github.com/OpenConceptLab/oclapi/commit/d3a40dcf34a74bde9fa5859ff0f50bbf11a4816e We plan to replace manual steps with API calls soon.
  5. Currently we are trying to make tests in OCL pass. They seem to be written in a way that prevents us from running them all at once, because db is not reset on each test. It is crucial for further development to have them all pass and run them every commit on CI.

That said at the moment we have only one person working on OCL. The reason is that current work cannot be easily divided and done in parallel. Basically until we have a working dev environment, we cannot proceed with any new development.