OCL for OpenMRS squad

Should we start using this channel to keep track of the OCL squad and it work? I’m having a hard time of late keeping track of all the initiatives, using channels may actually help with this?

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Thanks for the prompt, @mogoodrich. These are the notes from yesterday’s OCL Birds of a Feather (BOF).

Join the slack channel for OCL: OpenMRS #OCL

Look for the first squad meeting next week. Confirming with @paynejd about Wednesday/time.

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Thanks @ball, you beat me to it re: the Slack channel.

I don’t have much experience with Slack but I wonder if some of the project management tools listed here would be at all helpful?

(Or any other ones people know of, that was just a link I found after a quick google search)

its fine we can also use this channel

I don’t know what people discussed at #OMRS19, and I’m certainly not the most important person here, but I’m happy to follow Talk and engage where I can, but I will not follow a slack channel.


@mogoodrich, thanks for establishing this thread! And a shout out to @ball for the link to the notes from the OMRS19 BoF session that focused on setting up a squad.

That meeting went some ways towards figuring out the scope of the squad and who will be doing what. We still need to finish that discussion, including how decisions will get made - and deciding what communication channel(s) to use (see more about communication channels and squads here). To @darius’ point about Slack, there’s no obligation for the squad to use Slack. It’s more important for the squad to agree on what will work best for those on the squad and let everyone know where the conversation is happening.

I suggest that we continue the OMRS19 discussion and talk through these aspects during an upcoming OCL for OpenMRS kickoff call. @herbert24 agreed to PM the first few sprints, so hopefully he can help us set up a call for this week.


sure,i am going to set up the call in less than an hour from now

Do we have any plans for involving those who may not be on slack?

@dkayiwa, that’s a great question for the squad to discuss and figure out.

yes sure i got to see that we have less people at slack and i make communications on both slack and talk as seen here Choosing convenient time for our OCL calls

From today’s first squad meeting…

Action items:

  • Update the wiki page(s) and re-organize information (everyone)
  • Review the squad membership and join/unjoin (everyone)
  • Write use cases for PIH (Ellen)

@ball @herbert24 @jennifer erbert do you have the link to the recorded call ?

@ball thanks for sharing the outcomes of yesterday’s squad meeting - and to everyone who joined us!

Here is the recording of the call.

Thanks Jennifer.

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@mseaton and I met today at the product-change committee meeting time :). We spoke about OCL for OpenMRS and added some additional requirements to the backlog for that squad’s project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10kAVpLgDUNXplHK8Ao_rMj8EWav1nZv7cL2hno-ZSpM

Highlighted in dark red, this encompasses functionality necessary for the OCL for OpenMRS pages as well as the subscription module. @paynejd and @ball should review as Ellen will be documenting PIH-specific use cases for the requirement definition. Here is the link to a recording of our call: https://www.uberconference.com/pastconferences/5024684048187392

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Thanks @akanter and @mseaton I just glanced at this, and added some comments on the new additions (but I need to review the whole document as well).

Take care, Mark

I just reviewed the document a little and added a few more features. I hope to spend a little more time playing around with the current functionality today and will see if any other feature requests coe out of that.

It seems like next steps would be to start taking the “What’s Needed?” list in this document and start fleshing things out a little more and prioritizing and ticketing. @herbert24 or @mozzy would this be something either of you would be interested in taking on?

I also took a look at the “OCL for OpenMRS” project and there’s still an active sprint with it looks like 40-50 tickets in the “TO DO” column:


So it looks like there will be a fair amount of PM work there triaging tickets and getting things in order. The good news is, outside of that sprint, there appears to only be 3 tickets in the backlog? We probably want to just close out the current sprint and put all the incomplete tickets in the backlog.

Take care, Mark

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I’ve done some re-organization of the OCL wiki documentation and started with this one which I formatted like the Micro frontend project page:

There’s many documents (on the wiki and google docs) which should be centralized and organized on the wiki.

Continuing to document PIH use cases which I’ll share next week.


hi mark,sure i am going to take on this