Obs Across Encounter Widget - Showing Encounters without Data

I am getting a strange issue with the obsacrossencounter widget displayed below

  1. The dates are cut off - I think they should wrap instead of dots
  2. The 26 May 2020 encounter has no values for the concepts selected but is showing twice, yet the encounter is not voided

Has anyone come across this issue?

@bistenes could this be related to https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1850

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@ssmusoke seems @bistenes to had worked on broken wwidget https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-coreapps/pull/356 and i think this is also related to this

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Thanks, Sharif, this seems to fix the issue

I would like to release a point version of coreapps for internal use with UgandaEMR, so would like to ask if there is any concerns on doing that

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Sure @ssmusoke No objection at all, its very fine to have release of coreapps , feel free to let me know such that i can update this documentation

@sharif Core Apps 1.31.0 released


thanks for the release @ssmusoke

Thanks @ssmusoke

Has anyone encountered the issue here RefApp 2.11 QA: Did we intend to create multiple new time durations in the patient dashboard? concerning

coreapp 1.31.0

@tendomart I have added an example to the ticket to provide an example of how to reproduce and illustrate the issue

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Thanks @ssmusoke i actually discovered coreapps 1.31.0 cannot render the Health Trend summary results