OBGYN for midwives in rural areas of Guinea

Question: We have a company www.afriqcare.com in Conakry, Guinea. We would like to find an OB GYN application that can be run on a smartphone for midwives. The UX info should be in French, or if possible, translated to local languages (similar to Creole). Does this module exist in OpenMRS? How would I get started? Kind regards JoAnn Canning.

@joanncanning are you looking for a smartphone OB GYN app or a module which runs in OpenMRS Distribution ?

I am in Guinea Conakry. From what I can see the public sector, in OB/GYN is only paper. Has anyone tried to “sell” open MRS to ministries in this country? Yes, or no, this is not my goal.
If there is a standalone mobile ob/gyn program that can be distributed to nurse midwives I would be ecstatic. That is my specific area of outreach. Does it exist? IF NOT, can the hospital based module be used via an API so other software? Has anyone done this?

Info on any open source software in this specialization would be greatly appreciated. I am also interested in small phone SMS programs for pregnant women in remote areas.
Thank you JoAnn

@joanncanning for OB/GYN there can be a work around module and About SMS for pregnant mothers there is Connect For Life which can be set up for those cases