Connect for Life OpenMRS distribution

Hello everyone

We’re happy to let everyone know that we are wrapping up the development of our OpenMRS Distribution - Connect for Life.

We’ve had some related discussions previously in this topic: Request new repositories for OpenMRS modules

The distribution builds on OpenMRS and enhances it primarily with modules and functionalities related to mHealth/telemedicine, such as:

  • Ability to message patients or their caretakers by enrolling them in messaging schedules - messaging can be done through automated voice call, SMS, or WhatsApp
  • SMS/WhatsApp integration.
  • Integration with IVR systems for executing voice calls to patients/caretakers, with the ability to get feedback from the call recipient.
  • Real-time feedback on patients and their adherence.
  • Reminders for visits or adherence.

More information can be found here: Note that the OpenMRS distribution we created is the next version of a system previously developed on the MOTECH Platform. Transitioning to OpenMRS has allowed to us target implementer needs that would go beyond just the mHealth functionality.

One thing that was discussed previously was organizing a showcase/demo of the distribution for the Community. We would be glad to organize such a demo and talk about Connect for Life. Can you help me with finding the best way to move forward with this? (is there a call we can join? or should we host it?)



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Thanks for bringing this back up, @pgesek! There are a few options in the next few months. Which one you want to go with will depend on what you want to achieve with a showcase.

Here are some ideas:

Want to reach a large number (100+) of OpenMRS developers and implementers? There are at least three types of sessions you could do at OMRS21: a 5 minute Lightning Talk or a 10 minute Showcase/demo presentation. OMRS21 will be November 29-December 2.

Want to reach those OpenMRS developers and implementers who are active in our community? If you want a longer session where you can showcase and engage with other OpenMRS developers & implementers, consider proposing this as a 45 minute unconferencing session at OMRS21 or as a special, independent showcase session outside of our planned, virtual events. If you choose to go with the latter, we can talk more about how we’d make this happen together.

A third option is to reach out to our Technical Action Committee to see about putting a showcase on the agenda for one of their weekly meetings.

Let us know if any of these are of interest and we can get the ball rolling!

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Wow, this looks really impressive (having been one of the instigators of the MoTeCH-OpenMRS links with MVP)! I didn’t see OpenMRS mentioned anywhere, though…

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I’m very interested in this given that I’m implementing call centers (asterisk PBX with IVR and hoping to add SMS and USSD) and have been looking for how to integrate into an EMR. Please invite me into the call.

@mozzy @mjafari let’s build on this and push out call center work ahead


Hello @jennifer

Thanks for sharing the options.

We would be happy to do both the TAC call as well as a presentation on OMRS 21. I will let you know once we figure out which format for OMRS21 and which TAC slot work best for us.

@johnblack Thanks for the interest - will definitely keep you in the loop when it comes to the showcase.

Regards, Paweł

Hello @jennifer

Can you share more details on OMRS21 with me?

I assume it’s a virtual event, but are there any materials I can refer to when it comes to what the event will look like, what is the plan, etc.?

Thanks, Paweł

Hi @pgesek! @christine and I recently put up a page on our website about OMRS21.

As with previous Implementer’s Meetings, we’ll use a semi-unconferencing format. This means that we’ll have some set sessions (mainly plenaries & site visits) and then we’ll have time reserved for unconferencing sessions, lightning talks, and demos. As OMRS21 approaches, we’ll put up posts where people can start brainstorming unconference session ideas and sign up for Lightning Talks. We can tag you.

The Global Events Team, which meets every Wednesday, will also be working through the schedule over the next two weeks to give everyone an idea about the timing of different types of sessions.

Let me know if you have questions or want to chat more.


Paweł has published a few days ago Connect for Life™- OpenMRS Distribution on GitHub If you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

cc @pgesek, @pwargulak or @kmadej


As Zuzanna mentioned, we are happy to announce that the distribution is now public at: Connect for Life · GitHub

The wiki documentation can be found here: Home · ConnectForLife/cfl-distribution Wiki · GitHub

@jennifer we would be interested in participating in OMRS21 and doing both a short demo for a wider audience as well as deep dive for interested parties. Please keep us in the loop regarding the event.

We would also like to jump in on the TAC call to give a short presentation for the community. Please let me know what’s the best way to get a slot.

Regards, Paweł

cc @kmadej @zuzanna @pwargulak

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Beautiful , @pgesek you guys wanna add it here? OpenMRS Distribtions

This is awesome, Pawel! I noticed that you mostly use CIEL concepts which is great, but there are some that are not mapped to CIEL, e.g., breastfeeding. That concept is a Cfl class which is also a non-standard class. I’d like to understand how we’d be able to standardize the concepts so that people who wanted to run MOTECH on top of OpenMRS with CIEL would be able to. For example, there is a concept for currently breastfeeding (Y/N), etc. Look forward to talking more.

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@pgesek we’ll definitely tag you on future posts about OMRS21.

As for the TAC, they meet every Monday at 4pm CEST | 2pm UTC. Could you suggest 2-3 Mondays in the coming weeks that would work for your team to join the TAC? And how much time do you think you need?

Then @burke and @grace, who are much more familiar with what’s on the TAC’s agenda from week to week, can chime in with their thoughts on dates.

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Thanks for the suggestion Tendo, I’ve added information about the distribution to the Confluence.

Hello Andrew

I am all for using standardized concepts and moving away from custom ones. I will consult with the team and get back to you on this.

Regards, Paweł

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Hello @jennifer

Would Monday, the 15th of November work for us to present at the TAC call? I imagine we will take around 15 minutes.

Also, any updates on the OMRS 21 event?

Regards, Paweł

cc @kmadej @zuzanna @awillems @burke @grace

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Hi @akanter

regarding the concept standardization. We are aware of the issue, and everyone in the CfL team is in favor of using standard/community-managed concepts. We plan to review all of the concepts we have added and see if there are equivalents in CIEL - it should happen in the following weeks. After that, we’ll be able to be more precise in why/what concepts we miss (or don’t miss) in CIEL.

Best regards, PiotrW

@pwargulak You can find out more about OMRS21 and register on our website. As soon as the schedule takes a bit more shape, we’ll update the site with the correct link.

@grace @burke, can you confirm that Soldevelo has 15 minutes on the Nov 15 TAC agenda to showcase CfL?

@jennifer that works for me! I’d love to see this showcase.

@pwargulak & @pgesek please just note that the TAC call on Monday is at 4pm CET. I will send you a calendar invite now; please feel free to add any colleagues you’d like included. :slight_smile:

(p.s. - Sorry @pwargulak & @pgesek I realized I invited you to the wrong one; corrected and sent you the invite for Nov 15)